About That Russia Attacking a Shopping Center Story


    from The Conservative Treehouse:

    Again, it must consistently be repeated – trust nothing from western or Russian state media about the issues in the Ukraine conflict.  Everyone is shaping the war narrative to fit their agenda.  Question everything you see and hear, wait to get the fulsome picture, and eventually the truth will surface.

    An example today follows a U.S. and Western media claim that Russia arbitrarily targeted a shopping center in the capital city of Kyiv (Kiev).  According to the narrative, this is an example of Russian military brutality and arbitrary shelling of civilians.  SEE NBC REPORT:

    TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

    However, the issues are not as clear as the western narrative would have us believe.  As noted in the report above, the Russians fired missiles into the shopping center during the late-night early-morning hours when no one was shopping, and the stores were closed.   Why was it targeted?  Take a look at the pictures below:


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