In 2022 Man Will Turn Back to God – Bill Holter


    by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

    Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter predicted at the end of last year that in the first half of 2022, all the false narratives will be exposed.  That includes confidence and credibility in the Federal Reserve and, thus, the dollar.  The Fed just had a so-called “emergency meeting” on Valentine’s Day because of spiking inflation.  The meeting produced no action taken by the Fed.  It did nothing.  Holter explains, “Maybe we have a month, maybe we have even less than that.  If they do nothing, then, basically, they have lost credibility.  They have thrown in the towel, and they are telling the markets that they do not have the ability to raise rates.  They do not have the ability to tighten, which hyperinflation runs completely rampant.  That would be your kickoff to hyper-inflation. . . . 80% of all dollars in existence today have been printed or created over the last two years. . . . That is hyperinflation.”

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    Holter points out that the huge amounts of debt and vast amounts of currency creation are signs of a fast approaching “global bankruptcy.”  Holter contends, “The world is in the process of bankrupting.  That’s what you are watching right now.  You are watching too much debt.  They have to hyperinflate to be able to service the debt.  When the debt collapses, what is going to be left?   The dollar is the reserve currency of the world, 60% to 70% of central banks all over the world use the dollar as their reserves.  So, when you have a global bankruptcy . . . the only two things that cannot bankrupt are an ounce of gold and an ounce of silver, which are proof that labor, capital and equipment have been used to create those.  In a world that is bankrupting, do you want to own paper or do you want to own something that is real?”

    Holter says things are going to get bad—really bad.  It will be unlike anything anyone has seen before in modern history.  Holter predicts, “We absolutely are in a global bankruptcy, but that should not be the title of this interview.  Your title should be ‘In 2022, Man will Turn Back to God.’  I think things are going to get so bad in the second half of this year that, finally, man will turn back to God.  You see this always during bad times.  Man turns to God, and I think on a mass scale, you are going to see that later this year.”

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