Tens of Thousands In France Protest Against Vaccine Passes & COVID Tyranny


by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

  • The Facts:
    • Tens and thousands of protestors take to the streets in France once again in protest of their recent announcement that vaccines will be mandatory to access certain venues and services.
    • There are currently around 14 million unvaccinated people in France, which represents approximately 20 percent of their total population.
  • Reflect On:
    • Why have protests of tens of millions of people been completely ignored by mainstream media? Why are they not televised?
    • Why, when they are covered are these protestors ridiculed and referred to as “anti vaccine” conspiracy theorists?

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Throughout this entire “pandemic,” millions of people around the globe have been protesting or opposing mandatory vaccine measures, lockdowns, and more. This “resistance” has not been televised or appropriately covered by big media outlets. These people have been completely ignored, the same way world renowned scientists in the field have been censored, ignored and ridiculed within the mainstream.

One of the latest examples comes from France, where tens of thousands have taken to the streets to protest government COVID policies. France recently announced that it will require people to have a certificate of vaccination to enter public places like restaurants, cafes, cinemas and long-distance trains. More than 14 million people remain unvaccinated, representing approximately 22 per cent of the population.

In the opening sentence of this article, pandemic is put in quotations to represent the opinion of what seems to be hundreds of thousands of experts in the field that have been ignored and ridiculed. The Great Barrington Declaration alone has nearly 50,000 signatures from medical and health professionals.

One of the most recent examples comes from Professor Ehud Qimron, head of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Microbiology and Immunology and one of the country’s leading immunologists recently stated,

There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets and control. The only emergency now is that you still set policies and hold huge budgets for propaganda and psychological engineering instead of directing them to strengthen the health care system.

Professor Ehud Qimron, a letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health

It’s become quite clear that COVID is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as many politicians have claimed, and that COVID vaccines do not stop the transmission of the virus. Furthermore, the robust science behind natural immunity and the catastrophic impacts of lockdown measures, which have killed more people than COVID, have been completely ignored.

Despite these facts, big media continues to demonize these protestors and label them as “anti-vaccine” which only continues to contribute a division among society.

Government health authorities in multiple countries have pushed forward with draconian measures that are doing more harm than good. A proper discussion and debate has not been had and the mainstream media, which is unfortunately the only source of information for many people, has only been presenting one side of the story. They have the power to make the majority seem like the minority, and minority seem like the majority.

Many feel hopeless in such times, but there is hope.

Opposition to such measures like vaccine mandates, for example, are set to end in the United Kingdom. While we see contrast in other countries, like Austria, which is set to impose mandatory vaccination for all with fines and possible jail time for those who do not comply, there millions of people who will not comply. Enforcing these policies en mass will be a problem. We will see what happens there.

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