Quebec, Canada Makes Third COVID Dose A Requirement To Be “Fully Vaccinated”


by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

  • The Facts:The Quebec Health Minister, Christian Dubé, announced during a news conference Thursday that people will be required to have three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in order to qualify for the vaccine passport.
  • Reflect On:Why would you mandate vaccines with all of the injuries being reported? Why would you mandate vaccines when they don’t stop the transmission of the virus or help protect the herd? Why would you mandate vaccines when they cause a tremendous amount of harm for many people, like their ability to put food on the table?


Quebec (Canada) Health Minister Christian Dubé recently announced that users of the vaccination passport system will be required to have three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to use it. The passport is currently required for people to use indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, like gyms and ski hills, as well as enter into restaurants, theatres and more.

Those who do not have an up to date pass, which will now include the double jabbed, will only have access to essential services, like grocery stores.

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise, the UAE is requiring all citizens have a booster shot to access certain services, along with Israel and several other countries that have done the same.

Multiple countries, like Canada and Israel for example, have already begun rolling out 4th doses for vulnerable populations, and the rest of the population may soon be encouraged to receive a fourth dose as well.

Will a fourth dose eventually be required? At least this is the pattern we’ve seen for nearly two years, but who knows if “fully vaccinated” will be a forever changing goal post. Based on my interactions, more and more “fully vaccinated people” seem to be getting fed up with so many vaccinations in such a short period of time, while the science behind natural immunity continues to be ignored and not included in health policy.

Furthermore, COVID vaccines have failed to stop the transmission of the virus. This is something we’ve seen throughout the pandemic. There are countless examples and pieces of data showing this, as well as outbreaks in the most vaccinated places on Earth. This has been happening even before the emergence of Omicron. We also know that both infected unvaccinated and vaccinated people can carry the same viral load.

Data is constantly being published by academics emphasizing this fact. A recent paper was published emphasizing the number of unvaccinated people that need to be excluded from a setting to prevent one COVID transmission is extremely high and negligible. The study didn’t even take into account the immunity that’s already been built up in a large amount of the population.

The authors explain,

While SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are beneficial, the high NNEs suggest that excluding unvaccinated people has negligible benefits for reducing SARS-CoV-2 transmissions in many jurisdictions across the globe. This is because unvaccinated people are likely not at significant risk – in absolute terms – of transmitting SARS-CoV-2 to others in most types of settings (as of mid-to-end November 2021). This is why so many unvaccinated people likely need to be excluded to prevent one transmission event.

Evaluating the number of unvaccinated people needed to exclude to prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmissions

It can be argued that COVID vaccines do protect individuals from severe symptoms and hospitalization, but given the fact that healthy people under the age of 70 have a near 100 per cent chance of survival, how much more protection can it really provide?

Why isn’t the fact that hospitals have long been strained and over-capacity been brought up during this pandemic? What would happen if we tested for other viruses, like the flu and RSV constantly, like we test with COVID? What if they were included on death certificates if infected at time of death? What would those numbers look like?

Furthermore, constantly testing asymptomatic healthcare workers is leading to a massive shortage of workers. People may be dying because of this.

The issue doesn’t seem to be COVID and vaccination rates, but rather an inadequate healthcare system along with poor health. According to CDC statistics, for example, 95 per cent of people who have died with or from COVID have an average of four other causes (comorbidities) listed on their death certificate. Also, it’s not entirely clear how many people are ending up in hospitals with COVID, or because of COVID.

All these points and many more call into question vaccine mandates, and expanding passports to include three doses like Quebec is now doing. What’s also unacknowledged within the mainstream are the record amount of vaccine injuries across the globe, not to mention that most of these events are underreported.

What’s not being adequately discussed in the mainstream are the harms of these measures. It’s not just travel, and access to other services, but people are losing their ability to put food on the table. The unvaccinated are being demonized constantly and governments continue to make life more and more difficult for them, without any science or data to justify these measures.

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