Official WEF partner Reuters ‘fact checks’ Great Reset ‘conspiracy’


    from WND:

    Critics agree globalist plan to reinvent capitalism is not a secret

    As awareness of the globalist “Great Reset” agenda grows, the worldwide news wire Reuters has decided to publish “fact checks” to dismiss concerns about a secret plot to increasingly shift sovereignty from nation states to global entities and “reset capitalism.”

    It turns out that any Reuters “fact check” must take into account the fact that the news wire has an official partnership with the purveyors of the “Great Reset,” the World Economic Forum.

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    WEF is known for hosting the prestigious Davos conference in Switzerland, featuring the world’s most powerful figures in business, finance and politics.

    In January 2021, Reuters announced “a partnership with the World Economic Forum for exclusive content distribution unit’s award-winning digital content marketplace, Reuters Connect.”

    A Reuters fact check in December missed the core concern about the “Great Reset” when it pointed out that it is not a secret plot. Its critics, in fact, agree that it’s an open plot to “reset capitalism,” with its own web page.

    The fact check focused on invitations for Dutch politicians to the WEF virtual summit that was held this past week.

    Reuters said the invitations “have been misrepresented online to claim they are ‘leaked’ letters and evidence of secret collusion between the Swiss organization and the Dutch government to push ‘The Great Reset,’ a proposed economic plan at the centre of widespread conspiracy theories.”

    Earlier this week, another Reuters fact check addressed an hour-long documentary that suggests “world leaders and society’s elite are working together to create a world with ‘harsh tyrannical rules governed by a centralised totalitarian state.'”

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