New #BareShelvesBiden Images Show How Fast Things Are Going Downhill – The ‘Pandemic Of The Vaccinated’ Is Decimating The Supply Chain Down


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

It looks like it is time to once again ask our readers to show us what their own local grocery store shelves look like, since a new wave of images have been provided from social media users across the nation with the reemergence of the trending Twitter hashtag #BareShelvesBiden.

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Throughout this article we will be sharing just a small portion of the images being shared by social media users from stores from one end of the country to the other, while we take a look at some of the more concerning reports since our last prepper pieces was published.


Also, topping off the reports we see how the supply chain is being affected more than when Covid first hit the scene because in the mad dash to get everyone possible to take the jab, they never considered that one of the longer-term side effects was the body’s inability to fight off new variants, creating a “pandemic of the vaxxed,” which is making the labor shortages now worse.

Western Michigan



First were the demands by large corporations including meat processing plants, manufactures, and large grocery chains,  the trucking industry and other major groups responsible from getting food from farms and ranches to the grocery stores, that their employees be “vaccinated,” or in some cases terminated if they were not.

So, many who had families to feed, took the jab despite reservations. Then the same demands were made for the “booster” shots.

That created even more of a strain on the food supply chain.

Now, all those vaxxed employees are coming down with the “new variant” Omicron, and lo and behold, another labor shortage on top of the ongoing one from the original dictates and walkouts from those that refused the jab in the first place.

With more than half of Americans jabbed and stabbed, we are seeing record high hospitalizations of those that have been vaccinated.

The numbers have become so undeniable now that the Director of the CDC took to news circuit to explain something conservatives and Independent Media have been telling readers/viewers for almost a year now, stating to CNN “What the vaccines can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

Then on another show, GMA, she admitted that Covid death data shows that the deaths claimed to be “Covid deaths,” in 75% of the cases, the patients had at least “4 comorbidities.”

Yes, it hit those people so badly because they were very sick to begin with and at much higher risk that others than were healthier to begin with.

Only took them two years to admit the truth to the American public.

The point here is that due to the “pandemic of the vaccinated,” we now are seeing labor shortages worse than when Covid first originated from Wuhan, China.

LaGrange, GA


#BareShelvesBiden RETURNS

On Sunday, January 9, the Twitter hashtag #BareShelvesBiden returned as a trending topic, much to the dismay and anger of the left, as Independent Media writer for the Daily Wire, Ryan Saavedra, asked followers to “Take pictures and tweet empty shelves at stores where you live.”

The response was overwhelming to the point where users got the hashtag cranking again.

Some of those images are shown below, along with images from the week before when people start noticing shelves emptier than they were just weeks before, others can be found image portion of the #BareShelvesBiden hashtag, here.

Walmart, Spanish Fork, Utah


CVS Cold/Flu Section, Philly PA 



Target, Southern CA


Southern PA


Albertson’s pet aisle, Wash. State



CVS & Trader Joes, Southern New Jersey



Publix, St. Cloud, Florida


H-E-B San Antonio, Tx


There are so many more at the image section of that hashtag, from coast to coast. See for yourself, so we can move along.


On January 8th, updated January 9th, The Sun published a piece titled “FOOD CRISIS LOOMING? Meat and egg shortages fears after stores report ‘bare shelves’ amid Omicron cases.”

SEVERAL American supermarkets are reporting incidents of “bare shelves” as fears grow over an imminent meat and egg shortage amid a surge in Omicron cases.

It goes on to explain that empty store shelves are just the final result, the issue, the pandemic of the vaccinated, is affecting everything from meat plants to grocery store employees, and no end date in sight, which leaves a very high likelihood that this is about to get much worse.

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