Medical doctor outlines covid-19 money trail in hospitals


    by Dr. Peterson Pierre, MD, Fact Nest:

    “The Biden Administration is literally paying hospitals to kill you.” —Dr. Peterson Pierre, MD

    Money of us in the natural health and medical freedom movements smelled something fishy in nearly 2020 when it was revealed that Covid-19 had the same symptoms as the common cold and flu. A bioweapon released from a lab that has the most common ailments as symptoms? The deadliest virus in history that has the same symptoms as the cold and flu? That doesn’t sound scary or deadly. In 2022, things are unraveling.

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    Keep in mind that it was then-US President Donald J. Trump who signed the CARES Act into law in early 2020. The Biden Administration is fervently executing the Act. Remember, the drug companies contribute to all political parties. Big Pharma’s color isn’t Republican Red or Democratic Blue—it’s Money Green.

    Dr. Peterson Pierre, MD

    The current situation is this: If you have covid and you end up in the hospital, you’re put on a rigid protocol. There’s a high mortality rate in the hospitals and your family is kept in the dark as to what is happening. What’s going on here?

    1) The CARES Act provides bonuses to hospitals whenever people have a diagnosis of covid.

    2) The Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services is waiving patient bill of rights. This is a deadly combination. So, here’s what happens. Hospitals get a payment because they give a free covid test in the emergency room. They get a boosted payment if they get a diagnosis of covid.

    3) Hospitals get another bonus payment if the patient is admitted with covid.

    4) Hospitals get another bonus payment if the patient is put on Remdesivir.

    5) Another bonus payment for hospitals if the patients are put on mechanical ventilators.

    6) Another 20% bonus payment if the patient diagnosis is marked as covid, even though the patient might not have died from covid.

    7) There are also bonus payments to coroners.

    Do you understand the gravity of what is happening right now? The Biden Administration is literally paying hospitals to kill you. That’s what’s happening. This is terrible. We need to stop it. These are real human lives we’re talking about. They’re priceless.

    It’s estimated that hospitals receive $100 000 per covid patient. Ladies and Gentlemen, think about it.


    Dr. Peterson Pierre, MD. America’s Frontline Doctors

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