Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose


by Alex Berenson, Alex Berenson Substack:

Stunning figures from Canada show a huge spike in cases after vaccinations; to the Centers for Disease Control and the media, all these deaths are occurring in the “unvaccinated.”

The Covid vaccines look worse and worse.

A reader has pointed out an amazing dataset from the province of Alberta, Canada which reports Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by day after the first and second vaccine doses.

Infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from Covid all soar in the days and weeks after people receive their first vaccine dose.





Alberta has about 4.4 million people, so this sample is not small. The vast majority of vaccines given in the province are the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, though about 10 percent are the DNA/AAV vaccines, mostly from AstraZeneca, which is not used in the United States.

The figures further support the national-level data from Israel and Britain, which last year saw Covid deaths hit all-time highs just after they began mass vaccination campaigns.

The chart below tracks Covid deaths in the United Kingdom, which peaked in January 2021, just after Britain began vaccinating elderly people. At the time, the United Kingdom suffered about 1,200 Covid deaths per day, the highest per-capita total any big country has ever seen, the equivalent of about 6,000 daily deaths in the United States.

Vaccine advocates tried to dismiss those deaths as the result of a preexisting winter Covid wave in Britain (though other European countries such as France and Spain did not faces similarly large surges).

That excuse cannot be used for Alberta. Canada’s vaccination campaign began relatively late, and nearly all of it took place after the winter 2020-2021 Covid spike. Through mid-February 2021, barely 2 percent of Alberta residents had received their first dose.

The most likely explanation for the spike was and remains that the first dose of the vaccines transiently suppresses the immune system, as Pfizer’s own clinical trial data reveal.



But no need to worry, vaccine companies.

Under the counting rules used by American public health authorities and media outlets, all these deaths and infections are counted and reported as having occurred in unvaccinated people.

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