Trump Triples Down on Vax & Greg’s Christmas Message


by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

President Trump is tripling down on pushing the vax, as he tells the public he has had his CV19 booster shot.  Trump is still taking full credit for “Operation Warp Speed” that he says “saved millions of lives.”  Who cares if there are more vaccine deaths and injuries by orders of magnitude for the CV19 experimental jabs than all vaccines combined in the past 30 years.  Does it work?  Not if you consider, just this week, that Senators Warren and Booker got their CV19 booster (third shot) and both are now sick with Covid.  Triple vaxed Jim Cramer, who wants forced vaccinations on all Americans, also just came down with Covid.  It does not stop Covid, but it certainly works for profits for the vaccine makers.  That much is for sure.


My Christmas message is bittersweet.  It’s been a heavy year for reporting the real news.  What is coming at us is going to be rough even if people like data analyst Clif high are only half right.  The CV19 injections cause permanent damage, and almost everyone has a family member who got vaxed.  The sad realization is there is no reversing this experimental jab.  The main reason is the graphene stays in your system forever and acts like razorblades throughout your body until you die.  The mainstream media intentionally misinformed people, and the psyop was intense.  Many have been scared into taking it or simply think if they comply and get injected, they will get their life back.  Of course, it is just the opposite.

So, the Christmas message is simply enjoy the birth of our Lord and Savior, live in the now and do not fear.  Jesus is real and he loves us dearly.

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