by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

Fauci, Biden and their band of merry varianteers began to see their fear narrative dissipating around Thanksgiving. Cases had fallen from 175,000 per day in mid-September to the 70,000 range in late November, down 60% and far below the 255,000 cases per day in January 2021. The Delta variant was losing its mojo, and something needed to be done. They couldn’t let the masses think they could get back to normal. That wasn’t going to work with the Build Back Better Great Reset master plan.


The plunge in deaths “with covid” to below 800 per day, down 60% from the September high, and down 75% from the January high, in a country of 330 million people, where 8,000 people die per day from something, was endangering their fear dependent scheme to remake the world in a way to benefit shadowy globalist Davos billionaires and leave the masses with nothing, while being told they are happy.


This psychological operation to manipulate the masses into obeying and complying to the commands of totalitarian politicians and government apparatchiks is being orchestrated by deviant psychopaths (Gates, Soros, Schwab, et. al) whose demonic agenda is clouded in a purposeful fog to obscure their true purpose. There is one thing for certain, whatever they are attempting to accomplish will not be beneficial to you, me, or humanity. Their agenda is designed to benefit them and their cronies.

Who made the decision to ramp up testing from 500,000 per day in early July to 1.9 million per day in early September, a 380% increase? With the faulty PCR test, of course positive tests (not actual sickness) were going to soar and classifying every death with covid as a covid death was going to boost the death totals. But this never-ending fear porn from Fauci and his enablers at CNN and MSNBC was wearing thin and losing its propaganda potency with the American public.

Orchestration of this fear campaign for a virus with a 97.7% survival rate has required a full court press consisting of the CDC, NIH, WHO, WEF, Big Pharma, Big Media, Silicon Valley Social Media censorship police, billionaire oligarchs, Wall Street/Federal Reserve, and their senile empty vessel puppet president, continuously lying to the American public as instructed by his handlers.

The rollout of this pandemic of the willfully ignorant has been a magnificent tribute to the propaganda techniques of Edward Bernays, the realization of Huxley’s belief the masses would learn to love their servitude, and now Orwell’s Big Brother surveillance state, with a boot on your face forever.

Orwell, Huxley & Venture Philanthropy | by Graham Brown-Martin | New Society | Medium

The truths are self-evident to anyone who chooses not to ignore facts and has not deluded themselves because they would rather go along with false narratives than admit they were duped into being injected with an experimental therapy that does not do what it was supposed to do and tends to maim and kill a significant number of people who get jabbed. Here are some of those self-evident truths:

  • Fauci funded the weaponization of viruses at the Wuhan Bio-weapon lab.
  • The financial system began to seize up in September 2019, with overnight repo rates reaching 10%. The Fed immediately began easing.
  • Gates, Schwab, John Hopkins, and media conglomerates just happened to simulate a global pandemic in October 2019. Just some foreshadowing from the global elitists.
  • This virus was released from the Wuhan Lab and the Chinese (Xi) covered up this release for weeks as it was allowed to spread across the world.
  • The CDC, WHO, dozens of peer reviewed studies, and Fauci all concluded masks do not stop the spread of viruses.
  • Mask mandates across the world have proven, based on factual data, to have not stopped the spread of Covid-19.
  • The Democrats, CIA, FBI, Big Media, and Silicon Valley techno-dictators conducted a four-year coup attempt against a sitting president.
  • The Democrats, CIA, FBI, Big Media, and Silicon Valley techno-dictators weaponized a flu to steal a presidential election through mail-in ballot fraud and rigging voting machine software.
  • The January 6 “armed insurrection” was a false flag operation conducted by the Trump coup army to discredit his supporters and distract from the stolen election.
  • This man-made virus has an overall 99.7% survival rate and it is only lethal to those over 85 years old with co-morbidities and the extremely obese.
  • The death rate from Covid for those under 21 years old is effectively ZERO.
  • Hospitals and doctors were highly compensated by the government for classifying deaths as due to covid.
  • The PCR test has proven to be highly inaccurate, generating huge numbers of false positives, and falsely driving up the case numbers.
  • Vaccine mandates are illegal.
  • Lockdowns are illegal.
  • Forced masking is illegal.
  • The president, governors, and mayors do not have the authority to act like dictators, while ignoring the U.S. Constitution.
  • Safe and effective treatments for this virus such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were banned, ridiculed, censored, and suppressed to have the FDA approve the experimental, untested, dangerous vaccines from Big Pharma, unnecessarily causing the deaths of tens of thousands.
  • The real definition of a vaccine is something that prevents you from being infected with the virus you are vaccinated against, like polio, smallpox and measles.
  • The Medical Industrial Complex and their toady media mouthpieces have redefined vaccine to be something that lessens the impact of a virus because these covid vaccines have completely failed in accomplishing what was promised in January 2021.
  • The covid vaccines do not keep you from catching the virus, spreading the virus, getting sick from the virus, being hospitalized from the virus, or dying from the virus. In other words, it is completely worthless, other than generating hundreds of billions in profits for Big Pharma and their parasites in the media, government, medical industry.
  • If these “vaccines” were safe and effective these drug companies would not need immunity from legal liability if their experimental concoctions injured or killed anyone. Based on the results thus far, they would all be bankrupted from the lawsuits which would be filed.
  • Vaccine passports are completely worthless as a medical prevention measure, but fulfill a major role in the Great Reset scheme to electronically track every human being and restrict them if they do not comply and obey. They are a key element in creating a social credit scoring system.
  • There have been more adverse reactions and deaths from these vaccines in nine months than all injuries and deaths reported for all vaccines over the last forty years cumulatively.
  • These vaccines cause blood clots.
  • These vaccines are causing myocarditis in young men, killing young athletes, and destroying the lives of thousands of young people, who have virtually zero risk from covid.
  • Children did not have strokes and young athletes did not have heart attacks before these covid vaccines.
  • All-cause mortality (excluding covid) since the rollout of the vaxx is far above what would be expected based on demographics.
  • The medical industry, physicians, nurses, and Pharma executives have violated the Hippocratic Oath of doing no harm. They have violated this oath in order enrich themselves and their organizations. The blood of thousands is on their hands and they will be judged.
  • The full court press to vaccinate young children who are not at risk from covid, is either nothing more than a cash grab by Big Pharma and their enablers Fauci and Biden, or part of a more fiendish plot tied to the Gates/Schwab/Soros depopulation Great Reset, new world order scheme.
  • The mainstream media are nothing more than whores for the Deep State, producing propaganda in support of their agenda and narrative, while remaining silent regarding the truth. Misinformation and censoring unapproved stories, to obtain advertising dollars, is their modus operandi.
  • The totalitarian censorship measures implemented by Facebook, Twitter, and Google against highly intelligent and ethical doctors like Robert Malone, Pierre Korry, Peter McCullough, and dozens of others, along with journalists like Alex Berenson, Steve Kirsch, and hundreds of others, is a major step towards losing our first amendment rights as we descend into a dystopian dictatorship.
  • Joe Biden is a dementia ridden, pants shitting, creepy, angry, empty vessel, controlled by his handlers, told what to say, and pushing the country towards an irretrievable split. His job is to tear down every institution so it can be built back using the Great Reset playbook.
  • Alec Baldwin has killed more people than Omicron.
  • Jeffrey Epstein and John McAfee didn’t kill themselves.
  • The government reported inflation of 6.8% is the highest in forty years, but is not close to reality, as it would be 15% if measured as it was in 1980.
  • Inflation is not transitory and the Federal Reserve is totally responsible for this raging inflation, because they have created 40% of all USD in history in the last two years.

These are unequivocal truths, and I would challenge anyone on the side of fake news, propaganda propagators, and false narratives to refute any of them. The problem is tens of millions have been brain washed and fear mongered into doing as they are told by those running the show. Their normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance does not allow them to see the truth.

In other words, they can’t handle the truth. While pondering this disconnect between the truth and the establishment narrative, the courtroom scene from a ‘A Few Good Men’ popped into my mind, but I pictured two different characters. After watching Rand Paul and Fauci go at it in Congressional hearings over the last year, I imagined them in the key roles, with some slightly different dialogue.

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