Scientist surprised by discovery of ‘99%’ effective, cheap COVID treatment


    from WND:

    The scientist who combined two widely available over-the-counter compounds that inhibited the novel coronavirus by 99% in early tests told WND he’s hopeful his treatment will be available “within months.”

    “An FDA-approved treatment could be in sight within months if pharmaceutical companies utilize existing clinical trial resources,” said Dr. David Ostrov in an email interview with WND.

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    Ostrov, an immunologist and associate professor in the University of Florida College of Medicine’s department of pathology, immunology and laboratory medicine, combined diphenhydramine, which is marketed as Benadryl, and lactoferrin, a protein in milk, as WND reported in December.

    “My prediction is that antiviral drug combinations, such as diphenhydramine and lactoferrin, will provide a similar level of benefit as Regeneron monoclonal antibodies, Pfizer and Merck antivirals, at less than 1/100 the cost of those therapies,” he told WND.

    Ostrov said he knew he was facing an uphill battle in his effort to find a combination of cheap, safe and available drugs to combat COVID-19.

    “I expected failure, but you never know until you try,” he said. “My reaction was surprise.”

    His study, with early results showing 99% efficacy in inhibiting replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, was published Nov. 20 in the journal Pathogens.

    Ostrov told WND he’s been in communication with people who wonder if their use of the compounds has helped prevent them from getting COVID-19.

    He noted that “anecdotal stories are certainly not proof of efficacy,” but many people have contacted him about diphenhydramine and lactoferrin, and their results “are difficult to ignore.”

    “For many people, they say everyone around them got COVID, but not them,” Ostrov said.

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