Mandates Ban Unvaccinated From Visiting Banks in Multiple Countries, Australian Premier Says ‘There’s Going to Be a Vaccinated Economy’


    by Jamie Redman, Bitcoin:

    Over the last few weeks, furious debates over Covid-19 and vaccine mandates have divided people into two classes. On December 21, one individual from Argentina explained in a forum that “banks in Argentina are not letting unvaccinated people inside.” The person said that whether people are for or against vaccines, the mandate was “nuts” and the “decision to go all-in on bitcoin” was the best decision he’s made in his life.

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    Vaccine Mandates in Argentina and Nigeria Ban Unvaccinated From Visiting Bank Branches

    Vaccine mandates have been causing a lot of division in many countries worldwide. Mandates include coercing people to choose between a vaccination or employment, and various cities in the world have made it so only vaccinated people can enjoy indoor dining in public venues, entertainment, and other public resources. On Monday, Boston became the latest city to implement a vaccine mandate for public venues, and Boston mayor Michelle Wu was met with protests during the mandate announcement. Protestors flocked to Boston City Hall to say “shame on Wu,” and that the Boston mayor was not a doctor.

    Boston follows U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles that have implemented strict vaccine mandates. The stringent requirements are taking place in other countries like ArgentinaIsraelAustraliaFrance, and Canada. While people think it’s bad enough that the unvaccinated cannot enjoy public places, many others are complaining about being able to access their finances in a public environment. For instance, Covid-19 protocol is very strict in Argentina and the country just opened its borders to vaccinated travelers during the first week of November.

    On December 21, an individual published a post to the bitcoin-centric forum r/bitcoin and said residents who were unvaccinated could not go inside regional bank branches. The individual wrote:

    Banks in Argentina are not letting unvaccinated people to get inside… The only way to withdraw dollars from your account is to do it physically in your bank. Whether you are pro vaccines or anti vaccines, this is nuts. My decision to go all-in on Bitcoin has been the best decision I’ve made in my life.

    The forum post got a lot of attention, and one person asked the individual if Argentine residents could access automated teller machines (ATMs). “Not for dollars. Just for our local currency, which has like a 50% rate of inflation,” the individual replied. The Reddit post got a great number of upvotes and moved to the front page of r/bitcoin on Tuesday afternoon (EST). Many Redditors agreed with the individual’s statements and one person said: “Authoritarianism is on the rise. Bitcoin fixes this.”

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