Jovan Pulitzer Explains 50,000 Ballots Identified in Maricopa County Related to Election Fraud – A Small Portion of the Ballots with Issues Identified in Audit and Canvas Work


by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Jovan Pulitzer went through the results reported in the audit of the 2020 Presidential Election results in Maricopa County, Arizona.  He explains why the results are critical even though Cyber Ninjas reported them as less than critical. 

We reported after the results of the Maricopa County audit were released, that over 700,000 ballots were in question as a result of the audit and the canvassing done by a different group.


Pulitzer focuses on the 50,000 ballots listed in the report and included in our article above and explains why these ballots are materially significant to the results of the County’s election.

There is ample evidence to decertify the 2020 Election results in Arizona.  Why does the Arizona Congress not do it?  Instead, the corrupt leaders in the state are happy with a Joe Biden win by 10,000 ballots.

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