Frustrated That Omicron Fear Is Not Permeating American Psyche, White House Planning More COVID Mandates


from The Conservative Treehouse:

There has been a lot of chatter behind a Washington Post report about the White House planning to introduce new COVID travel and quarantine restrictions tomorrow (Thursday).  However, tuning out the noise – remember which agency of the Fourth Branch uses the Washington Post and things make sense.

The problem for the White House is the public reaction to the new COVID variant Omicron did not meet their expectations.


The White House needs more concern, more fear, more panic to enhance their larger objective {Go Deep}.  The Biden team really need Omicron fear to permeate the American psyche, in order to achieve the Build Back Better agenda.  They desperately need it.

If people just shake it off and go about living their lives, the White House will be facing an electorate angry about inflation; that’s a problem.

The Washington Post report is framed around new international travel restrictions, increased COVID testing, and quarantine mandates as an outcome of the Omicron variant arrival.  However, given the nature of the 48 hour advanced notice provided to The WaPo, it’s likely the announcement tomorrow will contain the change that all vaccine advocates have been demanding, mandatory vaccination prior to any domestic airline travel.  Forcing domestic airline travelers to prove their vaccinated status has been a goal of the vaccine media for several months.

The worker vaccine mandate was unconstitutional federal overreach; the Biden administration knew that in advance and did it anyway because the vaccine isn’t really the end goal, it’s just a tool.  An airline traveler vaccine mandate would be similar federal overreach, and also likely to lose in court; however, that is not going to stop them from announcing one for the same reason they announced the worker vaccine mandate.

WASHINGTON – […] As part of an enhanced winter covid strategy Biden is expected to announce Thursday, U.S. officials would require everyone entering the country to be tested one day before boarding flights, regardless of their vaccination status or country of departure. Administration officials are also considering a requirement that all travelers get retested within three to five days of arrival.

In addition, they are debating a controversial proposal to require all travelers, including U.S. citizens, to self-quarantine for seven days, even if their test results are negative. Those who flout the requirements might be subject to fines and penalties, the first time such penalties would be linked to testing and quarantine measures for travelers in the United States. (read more)

As long as the White House needs to exploit the politics and control of Omicron; and as long as the American people refuse to be controlled by the exploitation of Omicron, this mandate dynamic will continue.  In essence, the Biden government is demanding that we behave more fearfully and pay attention to the distractions they are presenting in front of us.

Our government needs your compliance comrade citizen in order to retain their objective.

All of Biden energy policy, and all of Biden spending around the Build Back Better agenda, is designed to take us from where we are now into some distant place where fossil fuels are not the energy mechanism; that’s the Green New Deal component of this.  However, there is no energy policy position for their transition – they stopped all current energy development around oil and coal.

This is not a flaw in their program for fundamental change, it is a feature.

Biden halted pipelines, cancelled oil and gas leases, blocked expanded refinery capacity and regulated the entire U.S. oil industry into a place of diminished capacity.  That is why energy prices have, as Obama promised,  “necessarily skyrocketed.”   Depending on how cold it is this winter, you can expect natural gas and home heating oil to double in the next few months.

The near horizon looks pretty clear. Gasoline will keep rising fast and will cost $6 to $7/gal before next spring. There is no way under current Joe Biden policy to avoid this, unless he was to completely abandon his energy policy; that’s not likely. The climate change ideologues, academics and far-left communists behind the Biden policy are not likely to see the catastrophic economic damage as a bad thing.  Instead, they will likely say it’s the new normal.

With that level of supply side economic chaos seemingly unavoidable, the only way for Biden to try and mitigate political damage is an attempt to halt the demand side.

That’s why the administration needs Omicron to change our behavior.

COVID-19 is a sword to destroy & fundamentally change the U.S. and global economy.  COVID-19 is also a shield to protect the politicians as they destroy and fundamentally change the U.S. and global economy.

COVID-19 is a tool for Build Back Better.

Everything else is chaff and countermeasures.

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