Davos’ Last Stand Flops at the Box Office


by Tom Luongo, Tom Luongo:

So Davos’ Last Stand hit theatres a couple of weeks ago. Starring OmicronVID-9/11 as the latest unseen killer this was supposed to be the horror movie of a generation.

Geopolitically, this is the worst opening for a movie since Ishtar.

Sure the overnight preview box office was good. The Dow off 1100 on Opening Day. Gold thwapped. Bitcoin crushed. But then people started talking about the train wreck they’d seen.

The response to OmicronVID-9/11’s performance has been nothing short of hilarious.

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The early reviews pointed to an overblown ‘whisper number’ on box office receipts.

The hits just kept coming. The first scathing review came from no less than Goldman Sachs which screamed that they were not informed of the release of Omicron. They compared OmicronVID’s acting ability to the best on PornHub.

I’ve read a lot of Goldman notes over the years and they generally sound like someone desperately trying to convince you to take the opposite side of the trade from them…so they can fleece you.

That one was different. It was one that made it clear that they had no idea during production that Omicron was so bad.

Translation: Where the hell did this shit come from and why weren’t we allowed to front-run it?

Two days later, JPM’s Marco Kolanovic went on CNBC BubbleVision with his review, to blow up the idea that we should remain glued to our screens over the latest release from the Maus Haus, scared for our lives.

Kolanovic was the first of many to say the quiet part out loud; that OmicronVID was so unaffecting as a serial killer it may wind up doing the exact opposite, immunizing the world from the next sequel in the series. That if anything, Omicron may be, in fact, a better vaccine than anything cooked up by Pfizer, Moderna or even the Russians.

It was, as reviews go, as devastating as anything written about that horrific Hoffman/Beatty fiasco from 40 years ago.

I know, I read them all. They were a hoot.

These were the first shots across the bow at Davos’ Last Stand. And were clear signals to the markets that Wall St. was completely done with this COVID-19 nonsense and are in a political position to make that stick in the U.S. Congress.

The result has been the fastest week-to-week drop off in box office I’ve seen of a Davos narrative ever.

What was theorized early on about Omicron developing multiple spike proteins to increase transmissibility and infection but lowering its lethality has borne itself out as the data came in. So, the trumped up hysteria intended as shock and awe to play to as wide an audience as possible failed to capture the imaginations of anyone with three brain cells to rub together to make a spark…

… basically anyone who liked the all-female Ghostbusters remake.

And that speaks to Kolanovic’s initial assessment, which has been echoed by heads of state, like Putin, and, more importantly, the medical community who worked overtime to crush the fear porn.

If you’re unclear why this could happen, think of it this way. In brewing, culturing or breadmaking the idea is to inoculate your milk, dough, wort, etc. with so much of the preferred bacteria that it overwhelms the ones already there.

The cleaner the original of foreign bacteria, the fewer ‘off-flavors’ from those wild bacteria are in the final product.  This is why, for example, I would culture my cheese or yogurt with milk that came straight from the goat.  Milk into bucket, strain the milk for hair and what not, inoculate with culture and set in motion.  From goat to proto-cheese in 20 minutes.

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