COVID Cases Continue to Fall Significantly in South Africa


    by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

    Doomsday scenario failing to materialize yet again.

    COVID cases in South Africa, the epicenter of the Omicron outbreak, have continued to fall rapidly, despite other governments pressing the panic button over the new variant.

    Having already imposed ‘Plan B’ restrictions, the UK government and others on the continent are considering even more draconian measures to stop a “tsunami” of Omicron cases.

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    However, yet more data out of South Africa suggests they are engaging in an incredibly alarmist overreaction.

    Having seemingly peaked on the 15th of December, cases have now plunged for five consecutive days.

    The country reported 26,976 infections on December 15th, but that number is now down to 8,515, a drop of over 18,000 cases.

    As we highlighted earlier, health authorities in South Africa have even suggested stopping tracing and quarantining those who have come into contact with Omicron because it isn’t helping to stop the spread of the variant, which only causes mild symptoms anyway.

    Last week, South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla said that only 1.7% of COVID cases in the current Omicron wave are being hospitalised compared to 19% in the previous wave.

    South Africa has clearly seen the worst of its Omicron outbreak and has dealt with it adeptly without having to impose any new restrictions or ruin people’s Christmas and New Years celebrations.

    Perhaps somebody should inform UK health authorities, who continue to panic over Omicron in a bid to terrify the British public into accepting yet another horrendously damaging lockdown, despite the fact that only 12 people have died with the variant.

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