Australia’s ‘mass death camps’ and manhunts for ‘quarantine prison escapees’ are showing the world the globalists tyrannical hand


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    As in all analogies, you cannot take the similarities or comparisons too far or they fall completely apart; they are meant only to give an impression that is easily recognized.  This wisdom applies to the following one as well.

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    Shakespeare started this one and our modern world plays it out.  The cuckold nations reel under the stresses of the deceptions of the Illuminati and their scheming to bring about the “most dangerous piece of lechery that ever was known in the commonwealth” Satanic end game, aka Agenda 30, as described on the Georgia Guide Stones.  His Royal Idiot Little Joey Brandon (the “Prince’s Jester, a very dull fool”), along with so many other world leaders, also call it 6uild 6ack 6etter or the Great Reset.

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    Specific well leaked and controlled narratives designed to deceive the lovers, the world’s real people, create nothing but havoc and distress, and it ends up in the bedchamber as the illicit affairs bring down so many long held dreams.  Little Tyrant, (would-be god), Tony Fauci and his whores would have us ‘marry their daughter’ that is the kill shot designed to put so many of the worlds masses to death.  The schemes will not work, but there are other illicit liaison plans and they eventually (very soon now I believe) release a far more potent pandemic of some sort of pox variety to kill even more ‘innocent young daughters’ as the devil and his consorts confess their love for each other.  The story ends with their destruction and then perhaps we can show our glee as we dance with our returning Savior.

    Well, so much for me butchering that fine old story in such loosely defined comparisons; but so be it. It was hard enough to follow erstwhile when originally read and that is just what brought it to my mind; I never did really understand it as it twisted and turned just as our, or more correctly THEIR, plots do now.

    Most Americans have no idea of how many and how large the demonstrations and even riots are in lands not of our own.  Those who are supposed to be letting us know of those actions by others simply disregard it all because they do not want to encourage our angered masses to do the same, and even more.  The trend seems to be changing a wee bit in the last few days as some major US outlets like CNBC have shown violent European protests while more conservative outlets have for some time now.  Even Australia is showing many of those European riots in Belgium, Holland, Italy and so on.  Allowing too much knowledge out about the rest of the worlds rebelling would upset their plans of total control just as we see in so many other nations and maybe that is what is helping fuel the riots in Australia.  Rebellion is contagious.

    Millions march in Melbourne, Australia against vaccine mandates as shown in this Twitter clip.

    Add those that showed up in Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast and other Australian cities and provinces means we are easily in the millions in just Australia alone.  Germany, Ireland, France, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Italy and more in Europe also protest the forced vaccinations and harsh curbs on their freedoms.  Not to be outdone, India and other Asian nations also have had their share of protests against those tyrannical governmental mandates.  Even in China there have been mass protests although the CCP crackdowns have made it very dangerous to do considering the ever present surveillance cameras and tracking systems in place along with social media and facial recognition virtually everywhere.  Note that they are putting those same systems in place here with the help of high tech and ownership of so many American politicians (did I say Biden out loud?).  These have been going on since the early part of this year as shown in so many stories from news sources outside of the USA and, strangely enough, including our own worldwide propaganda outlet The Voice of America.

    Forced vaccinations, or as they call it “voluntary” vaccinations, are pushed to the extreme in so many areas of this world that they even imprison whole populations and refuse to let them out without getting the murder shot as exemplified by the recent stories of Aborigines being forced into concentrations camps and forcefully injected, including children.  They went so far as to have a MANHUNT for three aboriginal teenagers that managed to escape the quarantine prison for a short while.  As reported in the UK Daily Expose “a group of indigenous Australians made a plea for international help due to the Northern Territory government force vaccinating the people in the community. According to their representative David, the government was “using the military, foreign military, foreign police officers, local military and local police officers to pressure our people into taking this bioweapon.

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