These Small Victories for Individual Rights Light the Way Back to Freedom


by Joanna Miller, The Organic Prepper:

Most of us have had a hell of a past two years. Between inflationjob uncertaintyriots (depending on where you live), and the stress and mental health issues that come along with all those things, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But right now, I think it’s time to look at some small, underreported victories for individual rights.

Let me say first that this article is not about vaccination itself. I can see no problems with informed, consenting adults trying out new medical treatments. My big issues are the sweeping mandates and the destruction of privacy regarding medical decisions. I had family visit in California recently, and they had to present their vaccination verification to enter any building in LA. In Denver, many venues are starting to require proof of vaccination upon entry. 


What’s next?

Are we going to have to start getting weighed and proving we aren’t obese because obesity correlates with all kinds of other diseases? (The OP posted a satirical article about just this topic recently.) Are we going to have to reveal our sexual histories? When we stop viewing each other as brothers and sisters of Mother Earth and start judging each other primarily on how sick we think another person will make us, we are Othering. And Daisy’s written about where that leads.

I don’t want to speculate too wildly about the CDC’s endgame here. However, I will point out on December 2, 2020, Dr. Fauci said in an interview with Fox News that a 70% fully vaccinated population would lead to herd immunity. A few weeks later, he said herd immunity would require 85 to 90%, then admitted he really has no idea what it would take to achieve herd immunity.

But we’ve gone from “Well, let’s get a lot of people vaccinated” to “Everyone needs a shot. If you protest, you lose your job.” I know that vaccines are wildly profitable for pharmaceutical companies. And I know that pharmaceutical companies donate generously to both political parties. Draw your own conclusions.

Regardless of motive, the push is on.

Regardless of motive, right now, there is an incredible amount of power and money pushing to get every American, of every health condition and religious belief, vaccinated. While many scoffed about the very idea of these kinds of manipulations just a year ago, it’s all happening. The overwhelming majority of working adults are being forced to choose between their careers and their bodily autonomy. Many parents (myself included) are deeply concerned about coming mandates for schools and sports.

Fortunately, this push to override perfectly reasonable concerns about new medical technology is not going quite as smoothly as some might have hoped.

  • On November 1, a Cook County judge granted Chicago’s Police Department a small reprieve in their battle against vaccine mandates.  Chicago PD obtained a temporary restraining order against the City of Chicago. The city cannot enforce any mandates until they complete arbitration with the police union.
  • In Los Angeles County, Sheriff Villanueva has said in press conferences that he will not enforce the County’s reporting mandates because he is already short-handed, which would only worsen staffing problems.

And it isn’t just police departments that are pushing back.

Police departments aren’t the only ones pushing back against the oppressive federal mandates. The private sector has had a lot to say about the situation as well.

  • Angela Phillips, the CEO of the Phillips Manufacturing and Tower Company, wrote an excellent letter detailing the mandate’s effect on her company of 104 employees. In a nutshell, she is challenging OSHA’s vaccine mandate in court. Of her 104 employees, 17 are willing to lose their jobs rather than be vaccinated, and the cost to retrain skilled laborers would be prohibitive, assuming she could even find skilled workers right now.
  • Qualified airline pilots aren’t easy to replace either. According to the pilots, Southwest’s cancellation of 27% of their flights on October 10, while officially blamed on the weather, had more to do with its vaccination reporting policies.
  • Delta Airlines, by contrast, refused to enforce a mandate and sports a +90% vaccination rate anyway, proving that mandates are often superfluous to meet a vaccination rate that Fauci claimed in December 2020 would lead us to herd immunity.
  • And finally, on November 6, a three-judge panel ruled that the federal order mandating that all companies with more than 100 employees require vaccination was unconstitutional. 

While this declaration of unconstitutionality applies to private employers in general, health care workers receive different treatment. They do not have the option of regular testing. Faced with the likelihood of a mass exodus of health care employees, the attorneys general of ten states (Missouri, Nebraska, Alaska, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Wyoming, and New Hampshire) sued President Biden on November 10.

Among other things, this coalition of attorneys general is pointing out that the mandate is unconstitutional because compulsory vaccination power has always rested with the states.  

Pushback is occurring in other countries, as well

For example, in Canada, both Quebec and Ontario were forced to rescind their vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. Too many workers threatened to quit, and the government had to back down.  

In Britain, officials estimate they are about to lose 123,000 health care workers to their reporting requirements. England alone has had 140,000 people on a waitlist for surgeries such as knee and hip replacements. Losing over 100,000 staff will be disastrous. 

So far, England and Northern Ireland are not backing down. But Wales and Scotland have announced that they will not be mandating vaccination for health care workers.

Who are the ones fighting the mandates the hardest?

It’s no coincidence that the workers who never stopped during the pandemic are the ones fighting the mandates the hardest, and it’s not out of selfishness.

Police officers, pilots, and nurses were exposed to germs that the laptop class has been avoiding for the past two years. Most of them have already had Covid and have developed natural immunity. (Which proves to be more robust and durable than any of the vaccines on the market.) They already risked their necks with the disease, doing their jobs they can not do from home. Why should they now have to take chances with a scantily-tested vaccine that will not benefit them in any way?

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