That Rittenhouse Verdict—America Is Not Dead Yet!


by John Derbyshire, The Unz Review:

I join in the general jubilation among National Conservatives over the not-guilty verdicts in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

As well as joining in the jubilation, I also share with the hopes, expressed by many, that young Kyle takes the Nick Sandmann route [Sandmann announces $250M lawsuit settled with Washington Post, FOX19, July 24, 2020] and sues the bejasus out of all the politicians and media hacks who have been defaming him for the past year and a half—starting with Joe Biden [Biden ducks question about whether he stands by calling Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist, By Kyle Morris | Fox News, November 19, 2021]


On Kyle’s behalf, I nurse the further hope that Representative Matt Gaetz will follow through on his suggestion that Rittenhouse would make an excellent congressional intern Rep. Gaetz floats Rittenhouse as good candidate for congressional intern, by Andrew Mark Miller, Fox News, November 19, 2021 Hire him, Matt!

This is a victory in the Cold Civil War—a win for normal citizens over the administrative state and all its powers.

The Cold Civil War is, like the 1861-65 fracas, two big groups of white people who can’t stand the sight of each other locked in permanent conflict: Goodwhites and Badwhites. Black Americans are sometimes hired in by Goodwhites as auxiliaries, to mind the horses and dig latrine trenches. But their only participation otherwise is to hang around at the edge of the battlefield, dodging in to rob the corpses as opportunity permits.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial illustrates the Cold Civil War narrative very elegantly. It’s an exceptionally good fit.

There are almost no black people in the story at all. Rittenhouse and the three people he shot, two of them fatally, are all white. The trial judge, prosecutors, and defense team were all white. Video shots of the actual trial showed a courtroom population as white as the audience at a chamber music concert. That’s even statistically anomalous: the 2010 census showed Kenosha as ten percent black.

It’s true of course that video of the trial for very good reasons did not show us the jury. We were told that the twenty people selected for the jury—twelve to actually deliberate plus eight alternates—were eleven women and nine men [Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Here’s The Makeup Of The Jury, by Ryan Shepard, Black Information Network, November 2, 2021]. Only one of the twenty was black: a man in his late twenties. I don’t know whether he was among the twelve who have been deliberating this week.

So either one or zero of the twelve deliberating jurors was black. I’m not sure how black participation in the Battle of Gettysburg broke out percentagewise, but I’m sure it was down at some similarly low level. The Cold Civil War, see?

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