Remember Him? ‘Joosie Smoolyay’s’ Delayed Trial for 2019 Race Hoax Is Underway


by Victoria Taft, PJ Media:

There will be no cameras in the courtroom when Jussie Smollett’s race hoax trial gets underway in Chicago after nearly three years of delays. This is odd because the Empire actor traded on his character’s “earnest artist” act on the show to buy sympathy for his hoax in 2019. Many people who should know better fell for it.

Since so much time has passed, and because there may be dust bunnies where memories of Joosie Smoolyay (as comedian Dave Chappelle dubbed him) used to be, let us go over the particulars of his crime against polite society.


As the once-great Empire show was doing a slow fade over at Fox and producers were haggling with him over money,  Joosie perpetrated his first apparent hoax in a sick bid for attention during the second year of the Trump presidency.

Smollett says someone — with the return address of MAGA — sent him an envelope with white powder, along with a “stick figure hanging from a tree, with cutout letters saying, “Smollett Jussie you will die black [expletive].”

When that hoax didn’t get him enough attention, a week later, Smollett staged his own fake assault.

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Smollett claimed that two men wearing red MAGA hats, at least one of whom was white, jumped him while he was out strolling to Subway in subzero temperatures to get a sandwich at 2 a.m. in downtown Chicago. The men, he told police, screamed that “this is MAGA country,” poured bleach on him, and hurled racist and anti-gay slurs. Finally, they wrapped a “noose” around his neck.

The actor got back to his luxe home and called the police, where he showed them his partially eaten sandwich and the rope around his neck.

Practically no one believed his story. Well, no one except Hollywood, the Obamas, and Kamala Harris. And Kim Foxx. Foxx, the George Soros-backed Chicago district attorney, pretended to treat the attack seriously and recused herself after denouncing the racist attack. Then she surprised everyone when she un-recused herself and dropped all 16 charges in the indictment.

Kamala Harris — you know, the former Senator and current VP — called the hoax nothing less than an “attempted modern day lynching” and demanded that the rest of us, who had nothing to do with his race hoax, “must confront this hate.”

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