MUST WATCH: Texas HHS DENIES Monoclonal Antibody Treatments For Whites – “If I Were Black or Hispanic Then I Would Qualify?” – Nurse: “Yep, That’s Right” – (Video)


by Julian Conradson, The Gateway Pundit:

Earlier this year, the Texas Health and Human Services department (HHS) made monoclonal antibody treatments available to COVID patients following its Emergency Use Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February.

The state has issued tens of thousands of monoclonal antibody treatments over the past several months, but recently, thanks to a supply shortage spurred by the Biden administration, the agency has begun segregating who can recieve the treatment based solely on the color of their skin.


Now, the state is only providing the treatments to “high risk ethnicity groups,” while actively refusing to provide the same care to whites who have been diagnosed with Covid.

According to Texas HHS, if you are white, you must be over 65 and/or have additional “high risk” factors to recieve the same treatment as other American citizens.  

In one shocking example of this state sponsored racism that was caught on video, Infowars host Harrison Smith visited a Texas HHS clinic on Saturday where he was denied monoclonal antibody treatment simply because he is white.

Smith, who hosts the American Journal on the InfoWars network, tweeted that he was denied the effective treatment for Covid because of his race, and that he was told that if he had been black or hispanic – then he would have been eligible.

He added that experiencing the modern-day segregation as “f*cking insane.”


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