Energy Insanity In Michigan by Democrat Activists and Governor Whitmer


by Mish Shedlock, The Street:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer seeks to shut down a natural gas pipeline that serves two thirds of the Upper Peninsula.

Democrats Threaten to Send Winter Shivers Through Michigan

Winter is coming, and President Biden may soon make Michigan’s hardest season even more painful. The White House is reportedly studying the consequences of shutting down Line 5, an oil and natural-gas liquids pipeline that carries heating and transportation fuels from Wisconsin through Michigan to Sarnia, Ontario.


Anti-energy activists have conquered the Democratic Party, demanding that traditional energy sources be stamped out. From her first days in office, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has fought to shut down Line 5, and in November 2020 she revoked the easement allowing the pipeline to operate and ordered its owner to cease all operations by May 2021. The operator ignored the order, arguing that only the federal government has that jurisdiction. Canada has since invoked a 1977 treaty, contending that closing the pipeline without Ottawa’s consent is illegal.

Line 5 provides nearly two-thirds of the supply in the Upper Peninsula and more than half of statewide propane use.

If Line 5 closes, families and businesses will have to get their energy somewhere. The leading option, endorsed by proponents of a shutdown, is to use trucks. Yet that would drive a massive increase in truck traffic—with its own attending emissions—and pipelines are a much safer means of transporting oil and gas. The federal government’s analysis stretching back to 1996 shows that trucks spill more than twice as much as pipelines, and they also do it far more often.

Every day the ideas and reports get nuttier and nuttier. Michigan’s own research show that closing Line 5 would lead to a nearly 60% jump in prices, depending on location.

Yet here we are, with another fiscally insane proposal, and one that rates to worse for the environment as well, due to spills.

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