Cultural Marxism, Are We Supposed to Ignore What All the San Francisco Looters Have in Common?


    from The Conservative Treehouse:

    Perhaps there is a rule book somewhere that says you must not point out that all of the San Francisco looters who hit Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton are black.

    There are hundreds of media reports talking about the brazen nature of the ongoing mob and rob situations, but no one seems to point out what they all have in common.   All of the people doing the robbing are black.

    Here’s an example of CBS outlining a massive mob-n-rob of Nordstroms just outside San Francisco.  WATCH:

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    Look at how this media report shared the news:

    …”Just before 9 p.m. dozens of cars pulled up to 1200 Broadway Plaza to block off the street and rush into store.” (link)

    The cars did it!

    Dozens of random cars just pulled up to the store and began robbing the place.  It might sound crazy, but that’s exactly how NBC reporter and eye witness Jodi Hernandez, described the incident when she initially tweeted out the alarm as she watched.  Look:

    “About 25 cars just blocked the street and rushed into the Walnut Creek Nordstrom making off with goods before getting in cars and speeding away,” Hernandez said on Twitter.

    25 cars blocked the street, rushed the store, stole stuff and then got into cars?

    So the cars were in cahoots with more cars.

    All of this effort to twist language is intended to do what….  avoid noticing that all of the robbers are black?

    This is silly .

    “Walnut Creek Police investigators are in the process of reviewing surveillance footage to attempt to identify other suspects responsible for this brazen act,” the department said in Sunday’s statement.  Nordstrom reopened as usual on Sunday. (more)

    This must be “economic justice” or something.

    The video from the Louis Vuitton mob-n-rob is below:

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