As Pandemonium Arrives, The CEO Of One Of The World’s Largest Doomsday Bunker Builders Warns Of Panic Buying By The Global Elite: ‘They Fear A Rebellion Is Brewing’


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

In the 1st video we’ve embedded at the bottom of this story, we hear from Ron Hubbard, the CEO of Atlas Survival Shelters, being interviewed by The Canadian Prepper and as Hubbard tells us right away, the ‘bunker building business‘ is exploding as the year 2021 winds down.

Telling us that mass purchases of survival shelters by ‘the elite‘ aren’t just happening in America but have gone global, Hubbard warns that one reason this is happening now is the globalists believes a ‘rebellion‘ is brewing in America and likely very near, with the American people growing increasingly angry with the entire establishment, particularly the massive-failure called ‘the Biden administration‘.


Hubbard also confirms for us within the video the existence of the massive Denver International Airport bunker that we’ve heard so much about over many years, warning that its not only fully stocked and ready to go but the ‘global elite’ believe they’ll ‘rebuild’ society from that near-central US location following ‘Armageddon’. We’ll take an extended look at the DIA and Ron Hubbard’s warnings in the final section of our story below.

And while we’ve been reporting for months now on ANP about the supply chain crisis now finally exploding in the mainstream media, just check out the story titles below from all across the news media and the internet, both from the MSM and the independent media, over just the last few days:

Breaker! Breaker! We Got Ourselves a SHUTDOWN! Blue Collar Blockade to Cripple Supply Chain Over Vax Mandates Is ON! 

Pandemonium looms for the world as the ‘Everything Shortage’ meets a ‘Dark Winter’ thanks to collapsing global supply chains 

Grocery stores now using PHOTOS of food to fill empty shelves like something ripped straight out of North Korea

What’s really behind all the empty shelves?

You Better Wake Up, Because The Shortages Are Getting A Lot Worse

Global Food Prices Set To Soar As The Oil And Gas Crunch Continues

Amazon, Apple warn supply-chain woes, labor shortage could hamper holiday season

Christmas Tree Shortage? Yes. Turkey Shortage? Unlikely For California

Supply chain crisis, shortages, price hikes to continue well into 2022: Report

We are on the verge of seeing widespread institutional breakdowns throughout our society on a massive scale

With all of those stories summing up what we’re now witnessing in the Fall of 2021 as ‘Joe Biden’s vision for America’ becomes clear for all to see, our response to that last story above warning of “widespread institutional breakdowns throughout our society on a massive scale”“Way to go, Brandon!”

Imagine walking into a grocery store and seeing something like the photograph above.

Nothing less than some sick kind of ‘psychological warfare’ being waged against the people of the world, as this story over at the website Fresh Fruit Portal pointed out quite sarcastically, “Who wants dirty foreign vegetables when we can have perfectly good British (cardboard) ones?!” From that story.: 

U.K. supermarkets are using cardboard cutouts of fruit, vegetables and other groceries to fill gaps on shelves because supply problems combined with a shift towards smaller product ranges mean many stores are now too big. 

Tesco has begun using pictures of asparagus, carrots, oranges and grapes in its fresh produce aisles, prompting ridicule on social media. 

“Mmmm, delicious photos of asparagus,” one commenter wrote on Twitter. Another mocked an oversized picture of the vegetable piled up: “I love that asparagus grows to this size in the UK. It’s our climate, I’m sure.”

Shoppers have spotted fake carrots in Fakenham, cardboard asparagus in London, pictures of oranges and grapes in Milton Keynes, and 2D washing liquid bottles in Cambridge. Sainsbury’s has also used outline drawings of packaging to fill shelves. 

The tactic comes as shortages of HGV drivers and pickers and packers on farms and food processing plants lead to low availability of some items in supermarkets. Problems at ports, where handlers are struggling to cope with a surge in deliveries for the festive season, are also leading to shortages.

Yet while they’ll try to make excuses as to why there are suddenly shortages in many products seen in great abundance over the past several decades, as we’ve warned previously on ANP, for the devil-rat/globalists, it’s anything to keep the minds of the masses off of the fact that countries in ‘Western society’ are being forced into becoming socialist nations, complete with all of the tyranny that comes with them and all of the shortages we saw in Venezuela as also seen in the photograph below.

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