We Can Take Back the USA by Modeling the Hero Southwest Airline Pilots!


by Wayne Allyn Root, Townhall:

A month ago, my brand-new bestseller, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book,” came out. A month seems like a lifetime ago. What happened over this past month validates the strategy I laid out. It changes everything.

My book lays out the case that America and American exceptionalism are under vicious attack. We are facing a radical communist takeover of the United States. I believe we must respond with the tactics and strategies of Martin Luther King Jr. — with strikes, boycotts, protests, intimidation and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

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The great news is the pilots of Southwest Airlines have put these tactics to work. And they’ve proven that conservatives and patriots can use this strategy to save America.

Civil disobedience and intimidation are what liberals (i.e., socialists, communists, Marxists) have used for decades to steamroll us. A vocal and vicious minority has managed to hijack the direction of America with these tactics. Now it’s time to turn the tables!

We now know two can play at this game.

Until now, conservatives have never used intimidation, strikes, boycotts or civil disobedience. The reasons why are simple. Liberal activists are vicious, violent and loud. That’s because they have nothing to lose.

Have you ever seen an antifa protest? They look like they’ve never had a job, or a bath.

Left-wing protesters in 2020 weren’t about protesting as much as rioting, looting and burning. They caused about $2 billion in property damage in the summer of 2020.

That’s never going to be us. Conservatives don’t riot, loot, burn or commit violence. We have too much to lose. Conservatives don’t sit home collecting handouts. Our lives revolve around work.

We do all the working, spending and taxpaying in America.

We have jobs, businesses, families, assets to protect. We can’t afford to engage in violence or be arrested. We’d go broke just paying the legal fees. Whereas liberals with no assets are provided free legal aid lawyers by the justice system, or free lawyers by billionaire communist backers like George Soros.

But we can copy this strategy of civil disobedience by using the one advantage we’ve got — buying power. We don’t need violence. We can bring this nation and economy to its knees with our wallets and purses.

Other than open borders, the main tool of this communist takeover is COVID-19 vaccine mandates. This is the “defunding of the middle class.” The middle class doesn’t want this vaccine. Cops don’t want it. Neither do firemen, prison guards, border patrol, nurses, paramedics, the military or jet pilots. Millions of middle-class Americans will soon be fired or forced to resign. They will lose their jobs, incomes and pensions.

This is how the radical communists will make us jobless and hopeless. This is how they will make us dependent on government. This is how they will destroy first responders and the military. This is how the enemies of America create chaos, crisis, confusion, depression and division.

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