Trump Vax Mistake, Vax Doesn’t Work, Fragile Economy Warning


by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

President Trump is still pushing the horrible injections he calls vaccines from his “Operation Warp Speed.”  I don’t know who is telling him these are working well when death and injuries on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) outnumber all vax deaths and injuries for the past 30 years.  By every metric, the vaccines Trump is still pushing are a growing disaster, just ask former Secretary of State Colin Powell.  Oh wait, Powell was fully vaccinated, and he just died of complications from Covid 19.  Stop the shots, Mr. President, and admit you are wrong.  The nation will forgive you, but not the people who lied.


There is a new study done by Harvard for the NIH (National Institutes of Health), and it basically says the vax injections do not work.  The highest counties in America have the highest Covid transmission rates, and the lowest vaccinated counties have the lowest Covid transmission rates.  It was the same overseas in high vaxed countries such as Israel.  Dr. Chris Martenson simply says “We’ve been had.”  I say it was a deadly money making scam for Big Pharma and government co-conspirators.  They all should be prosecuted under the Nuremberg code of 1947.  They hung Nazi doctors for experimenting on people against their will and without informed consent.  Sound familiar?

There is no stopping the rising inflation trend we find ourselves in.  There are supply chain disruptions and dramatically rising prices for just about everything.  Inflation is going to force the Fed to raise interest rates.  Trends researcher Gerald Celente summed it all up perfectly this past week on and said, “When they raise interest rates, this thing goes down — end of story.”

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