by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

A few days ago I had a long telephone conversation with a friend (K.M.) and as we always do we were batting around various scenarios about various things. Then, suddenly, my friend advanced a scenario about why all those cargo ships are stacked up in Long Beach, California waiting to be unloaded.  When I heard the scenario, I was dumbfounded, because I thought I might be the only other one who had entertained the same idea. It was one of those odd synchronicities when you discover someone else is thinking the exact same thing that you are.


The reason I’ve not talked about it before, and the reason I’m talking now, is firstly because our idea is… well… “out there”, and neither of us have seen a shred of evidence to suggest it’s true. Both of us were also thinking back to a press conference…but we’ll get back to that. Secondly, my reason for talking now is because if we can both think of it, maybe someone else has thought the same thing, and hence, might have a bit of direct evidence, or an indirect observation, article, or evidence that might tend to corroborate our crazy scenario.

And it is a cray scenario, but no less crazy an explanation than some of the others already  out there: “they” want to mess up the supply chain in order to (1) starve the population (2) rise prices (3) create instability through chaos, and on and on we could go. Then there are the other types of speculation that this backlog is due to covid restrictions, or not enough people working the docks, and that there’s no other hidden story here.

Frankly, most of the scenarios I’ve heard make some sort of “odd sense” and this may be a case of several agendas being accomplished at once, or “stacking functions” as Catherine Austin Fitts likes to say.

But in all the talk about the supply chain breakdown out there, there’s one scenario that has not been mentioned, until K.M. dropped it in our conversation, and I had that sinking realization that “Oh, my, I’m not the only one thinking this.”

To make sense of our wild speculation, let’s go back to April 1, 2020, and that very unusual covid press conference that President Trump hosted, but which, strangely, began with Secretary of Defense Esper, and General (thoroughly modern) Milley:

The “covid” conference began with Esper, and then (thoroughly modern) Milley’s, remarks, and it’s with both that we are concerned, and particularly with Milley’s, which begin at about 7:00 and then end about 8:40. When you listen to their remarks, they concern what amounts to a dramatic “uptick” in drug cartel smuggling activity, taking advantage of the covid planscamdemic. The smuggling to which they refer includes not only the drugs themselves, but more importantly, “bad actors,” and as a result, all sorts of naval, coast guard, and military assets were being dispatched to the Caribbean to interdict this new and expanded smuggling activity. Then Milley made the remark, which he emphasized, “You’re not going to get through.” Then the conference moved on, and we subsequently heard no more about this operation.

I stated at the time that I thought the scale of the military response to this alleged uptick in drug cartel smuggling was a bit “much,” and that something else may be taking place behind a cover story of drug smuggling.  Clearly, the military was pulling out all the stops to stop something, but was it really about drugs? I suspected not, and said that perhaps there was “something else” that they were perhaps concerned about, and that the heavy presence of military brass – a full admiral from both the navy and the coast guard, and a fill general – was meant to send a message to someone.

So what was the “something” they might have been concerned about?

At the time, my high octane speculation was that the military was concerned that something might be smuggled into the USA, not drugs, but as I put it at the time, “a firecracker.”

Which brings me to K.M.’s scenario mentioned during our phone call: What if the backlog at the western ports is because “they” are having to take the time and inspect incoming cargo shipments, cargo box by cargo box, because “they” are looking for “something,”  possibly “a firecracker” or some other weapons?

The scenario might not be as crazy as it initially sounds. Recall that during roughly the same time frame as the press conference above, President Trump had repeatedly emphasized that America was under attack, and that covid was the attack. He made no secret of blaming China. In the current geopolitical climate, it takes little imagination to see that things have not calmed down since that strange press conference, but that they have intensified. I’m not saying that China is to blame for the smuggling. It could be anyone, including non-state actors like the drug cartels.  But a “firecracker” could hardly be acknowledged by the military in either instance, as the release of such information would possibly create a panic, and an even greater hit to the economy than the lockdowns. Drugs would be a perfect cover story.

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