Precinct Strategy Now Has Statewide Groups You Can Connect With


by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs:

Dan Schultz of the Precinct Strategy recently told the world that the RNC will not provide a way for Precinct Committeepeople to communicate with each other at a county, state, or national level, while half of the precinct committeeperson spots sit empty. Why would the RNC not want these positions filled?

Robert Beadles, a good friend of Dan Schultz, got fired up when he heard about this and took it upon himself to provide the needed platform to make this happen. Beadles has created some of the largest companies in the country and is also an investor and part owner of Gab.


It was a perfect opportunity to utilize the platform, founded by Beadles, Matt Brown, and Matt Webster, to build Pilled groups on a state level for the Precinct Strategy movement, so Beadles and the Matt’s got to work! Pilled is an incredible streaming website for free speech that works outside of, and has no ties to big tech.

Watch Dan’s 1-minute video and explore his website to see why the Precinct Strategy is vital to our future.

Why is the Precinct Strategy so important?

1. Precinct Committeemen ARE the Party. No Precinct Committeemen, no party.

2. ONLY Precinct Committeemen elect the Party officers, including all the way “up” to your state party’s three members of the Republican National Committee; in other words, ONLY Precinct Committeeman can CHANGE the Republican Party.

3. ONLY Precinct Committeemen can vote as Party committee members to endorse the best candidates in the all-important, usually-very-low-turnout primary elections.

4. ONLY Precinct Committeemen get access to the Party’s Get Out The Vote software to help increase voter turnout for Republican voters.

5. In many states, when there is a vacancy in a public office, such as state legislator, ONLY the Precinct Committeemen are involved in selecting the replacement, not the voters.

6. ONLY Precinct Committeemen elect the delegates to the state party presidential nominating conventions.

7. ONLY Precinct Committeemen elect the people who write the party platform.

What Can Precinct Committeeman Do That Voters Can’t?

Elect All Party Chairs (Directly; or Electors of Chairs)

Elect Electors of State Convention Delegates

Elect Electors of State Party’s 3 RNC Members

Get Access to Party’s Get Out The Vote Software

Elect Those Who Write Party Platform

The new Pilled groups for Precinct Strategy have officially launched and people can go into their state, join the groups, and get to work! You can connect directly through Pilled or by clicking on the button in the top right of Precinct Strategy’s website.

Pilled is an incredible resource for people to connect, without the censorship or fear of being canceled. Everyone can setup a free Pilled account and create groups as well.

The groups give people the ability to:

• Have all the features like a Facebook feed
• A messenger for DM’s
• Group chats like Telegram
• Separate rooms with in group so people can have break out topics, discussions, workflows
• Stream video like YT
• Upload-Download files like drop box
• Be private or public

You can follow Robert Beadles on Pilled or Gab, and Corey’s Digs is also a proud member of Pilled and hosts the weekly Dig It! Podcast with The Speaker and Edge on Pilled and Gab as well.

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