Now YOU Will Be Punished If Your SPOUSE Is Unvaxxed!


    by Stucky, The Burning Platform:

    JEEBUS!! Will this shit show ever stop escalating? Apparently, not. Will THIS be the event that finally starts mass revolt … or, at least mass non-compliance? Apparently, not. Seems that Americans have a near unlimited tolerance for taking it up the ass. Man, oh man, this is Crazy Shit!

    They’re coming for you next: A Louisiana hospital system, Ochsner Health Systems, has informed its employees that they will be fined $100 per salary check for having an unvaccinated spouse on their health plan.

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    From the memo sent to all employees:

    New in 2022: Ochsner is implementing a new Spousal COVId Vaccine Fee as part of its 2022 medical plan premiums. This means, if a spouse/domestic partner is covered by one of our medical plans in 2022 and unvaccinated against COVID-19, a $100-per-pay-period fee will apply.


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