National Conference Setting Stage to Highlight Solutions and Expose Willful Conduct at “COVID CON ’21”


    by Sayer Ji, Green Med Info:

    What began as “two-weeks to flatten the curve” has morphed into blatant fear mongering, unethical mandates and a state of emergency with no end in sight despite a 99.6% recovery rate in Americans under 65 as confirmed by the CDC.

    For almost two years now the news has been dominated by one story: a global pandemic that has isolated the elderly, shuttered businesses, closed schools and created trauma for young people.

    During this time, suicides have spiked, friends and neighbors have turned against each other and everyone has been subjected to an endless barrage of conflicting stories, contradictory advice, and accusations of “misinformation.”

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    Now we are seeing mass firings of medical professionals, mandates from the federal government to businesses and countless first responders promising to walk off the job if they are forced to be injected against their will, religious beliefs and personal convictions.

    Across the globe people are being told they will lose their jobs, their freedom and even their ability to shop for food if they don’t comply with government mandates that so many medical professionals have now openly rebelled against.

    Even American citizens–residents in the supposed “land of the free”–have been outright subjected to a constant barrage of demands from government actors and mainstream media personalities that they must comply with medical procedures they are opposed to. People with sincere convictions against those procedures, and even people who simply want to make their own medical decisions about their bodies, have been ridiculed, accused of killing their neighbors and faced calls that their rights and freedoms be eliminated until they comply.

    Meanwhile, alternate opinions have been silenced and cancelled and their authors threatened for speaking up. Even bookseller Amazon has been attacked for allowing books with differing viewpoints to be sold.

    Each day, America seems more like the Germany in the 30’s and the Soviet Union. Professionals with respected credentials face losing their licenses and having their reputations smeared simply for disagreeing with the approved narrative. Even while the numbers of vaccine related injuries and deaths continue to mount, and even in the face of uncontested evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines prevent neither infection nor transmission of the disease.

    Now, a group of respected professionals with backgrounds in medicine, law, education, and activism have joined forces to produce an event that seeks to provide an opposing view, highlight areas of willful misconduct, and showcase viable solutions and pathways forward.

    On October 14th, 15th and 16th, they will be presenting “COVID CONFERENCE ’21 SOLUTION SUMMIT.”

    Dr. Henry Ealy, the executive producer of the event said:

    “Our COVID Research Team alone has dedicated more than 25,000 hours into investigating all aspects of COVID-19 and feel that it is imperative to produce high-integrity research to empower elected officials, attorneys, professional organizations, independent media and the public to take action on behalf of good people throughout the world. Why am I doing this? I ask myself this question often, and then I think about Simone Scott, the 19-year old Northwestern student who died horrifically after receiving experimental inoculations. I think about Hayden Hunstable, the 12-year old who took his own life during the despair of being isolated from friends during ineffective lockdowns.”

    Scheduled COVID CON ’21 Speakers include:

    • DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH, The Truth For Health Foundation [Advances in Early Treatment & Getting to Natural Immunity]
    • DR. DAVID MARTIN, The Fauci Dossier [Patent Law & Bill of Rights]
    • PAM POPPER, Make Americans Free Again [Building A Healthcare Coalition]
    • KEVIN JENKINS, Urban Global Health Alliance [End Medical Apartheid]
    • GEORGE WENTZ, ESQ., Davillier Law Group [Informed Consent Law]
    • SENATOR DENNIS LINTHICUM, Oregon State Senator [Filing Grand Jury Petitions]
    • DR. JAMES LYONS-WEILER, Institute for Pure & Applied Knowledge [Next Generation COVID Testing]
    • DR. HENRY EALY, Energetic Health Institute & Executive Producer of COVID CON [Evidence-Based Prevention]

    The event can be attended in person or streamed virtually. You can register for the event and learn more at What makes COVID CON ’21 unique is that proceeds from attendee registration fees will “go to fund unbiased science and education, as well as expert legal and legislative action coordinated to fight for you and your family’s future freedom.”

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