Mainstream Filth: NBC contributor becomes spokesman for murky organization, attempts to ‘normalize’ pedophilic thoughts


from Natural News:

The progressive left has, for too long, dismissed conservative claims that the LGBT agenda normalizes the sexualization of children as “homophobic” or “bigoted.”

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Yeah … about that.

An NBC contributor and vocal proponent of the LGBT movement has been slated as the spokesman for an organization with uncomfortably close ties to the sexualization of children.


Activist Noah Berlatsky is an ideal choice for this organization, as it happens, as he himself also has a long history of promoting the very same thing.

What’s incredibly stunning, however, is that he isn’t just some fringe liberal arts college academic no one’s ever heard of. He’s a contributor to one of the nation’s major news outlets as well as several other huge platforms, and his appointment to this position will no doubt only further legitimize the faction of LGBT Americans who vocally support the acceptance of pedophilia, child prostitution, child pornography and child sexuality.

And yes — Berlatsky and the organization, Prostasia, appear to be supportive of all of these things, however shrouded with seemingly conflicting claims to be interested in protecting children from sexual abuse.

Berlatsky is a writer and editor who, according to his LinkedIn profile, has contributed to, among other outlets, The Atlantic, The Guardian, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Salon, Slate, Media Matters, and of course, NBC News.

It appears that he is now the communications director for the non-profit organization Prostasia, which as The Post Millennial recently detailed at length, gives off the very conspicuous impression of working to normalize pedophilia.

This is fitting — he seems to have worked with the organization for some time and has shared tweets from one Dr. James Cantor, also affiliated with Prostasia, who, in a now-deleted tweet captured in a screenshot by Post Millenial, argued that a “P” for pedophiles should be included under the extensive LGBT+ banner.

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