Lockheed Exec Refuses To Comment On Video Showing Mystery Aviation Technology On Secret Testing Base


by Jack Greenburg, The Daily Caller:

The general manager of Lockheed’s most secretive arm, known as “Skunk Works”, refused to comment Tuesday on a mysterious aviation technology spotted recently at a Lockheed testing facility in the Mojave Desert outside of Palmdale, California.

A video began making the rounds on Twitter Sept. 22 showing an oddly shaped, sleek aircraft being loaded onto a flatbed trailer.

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The video was re-posted by Ruben Hofs, an aviation enthusiast, who he says stumbled across it on TikTok.


Hofs, intrigued with the scaffolding in the background of the video, cross-referenced it with Google Maps and figured out that it was likely filmed at Skunk Works’ Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility.

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