Joe Rogan Confronts CNN’s Sanjay Gupta About COVID Propaganda Including Ivermectin


from The Conservative Treehouse:

Joe Rogan proves a truism that many people have forgotten.  Modern leftists and communist ideologues spend so much time inside their own tribal echo-chamber, they do not know what to do when confronted by intellectual arguments and truth.

This is why media are so careful about who they will permit to appear on their broadcasts and panel discussions.  This is also why Big Tech needs to protect leftists by blocking anyone who carries an ability to challenge the fallacies.


If you have strong skills at framing your arguments; and if you are a quick thinker that is able to see the false premise as it is being narrated; you can chew up these progressive communists in real time.  They don’t talk about it, but they know that.  This is also why the White House press corps is so carefully filtered.  If you put on the armor of truth and confront pundits, spokespeople and leftist engineers with factual assertions – they stutter, stammer and stumble.

Leftists, particularly the modern progressive leftists, have no capacity for strength in debate, because they never leave their bubbles.  Everything false in their compartmentalized world view makes sense, because it is never exposed to intellectual rigor and debate.  In this excellent example, CNN’s Chief Medical Corespondent Sanjay Gupta appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast and was completely unequipped for the subtle but direct intellectual arguments and points raised.

These three video segments below are a case-study in deconstructing and confronting the fallacies of the illogical leftist mind.  Gupta went from having a high opinion of his own intellectual self, to being a puddle of moonbat mush under the microphone.  ENJOY.

♦ First segment.  Joe Rogan points out the fallacy of fear behind COVID {Direct Rumble Link}.  Statistics and research show unvaccinated children are not at risk of death from COVID. In fact, they are far less at risk than vaccinated adults. So why all the focus on jabbing a population that is not at risk?

♦ Second segment.  Joe Rogan confronts Gupta about his own network CNN lying about Ivermectin and calling it a “horse dewormer”.   {Direct Rumble Link}


♦ Third Segment.  Joe Rogan confronts Sanjay Gupta over the Wuhan Lab as the epicenter of the SARS-CoV-2 breakout.  Rogan challenges Gupta to explain why gain of function research was taking place and why the National Institute of Health has lied about it. {Direct Rumble Link}


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