If This Doesn’t Convince You The Mockingbird Media Is In On The COVID Hoax, Nothing Will (Video)


by Tim Brown, DC Clothesline:

The COVID scamdemic has been clear to many of us from early on. Now, there is a simple video that should prove to any thinking individual that the Mockingbird, corporate-owned media is in on the hoax and there is no rational answer for what you are about to see.

The first part of the video below is a portion of a video that went viral a couple of years ago to demonstrate why the media is referred to as the Mockingbird media of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

The Evidence That Operation Mockingbird Is A Reality – Now Apply This To The Current Coronavirus Freak Show (Video)

Now, if you skip ahead in the video below past this portion, you’ll soon discover how these same lying talking heads from the Mockingbird media present the same story over and over with the same numbers of the CONvids in states across the country.

Do you remember when Google’s search engine did pretty much the same thing? No? Let me remind you.

All Internet Search Engines Are Manipulating COVID-19/Coronavirus Report – See For Yourself

It was top German journalist Dr. Udo Ulfkotte who said before his death, “We all lie for the CIA” that garnered lots of attention in alternative media. Operation Mockingbird has become a reality, and there is ample evidence of its effects, which is probably why many still won’t watch cable or mainstream media.

Previously, I reported on Dr. Udo Ulfkotte’s words.

Well, most of us have known this for some time, especially in light of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Operation Mockingbird (for more on that, click here and here), which was their operation to control the mainstream media. The main difficulty we’ve had is trying to distinguish between what is true in the midst of the lies we are told. However, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is the latest journalist to come out and declare that government is buying and even at times threatening journalists to write the stories they put out.

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