Former Director Of National Intelligence Issues Warning Over Biden Buying Chinese Drones For Feds


    by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

    “It’s harmful to our national security.”

    Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe warned Sunday that the Biden administration is putting national security at risk by buying Chinese drone technology for federal law enforcement use.

    In an appearance on Fox News Ratcliffe urged that Chinese companies supplying the technology are likely relaying back information on U.S. critical infrastructure to the Chinese Communist Party.

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    “Like so much that Biden administration has done on national security lately, this makes very little sense,” Ratcliffe warned.

    He added, “It’s harmful to our national security. And also, Chinese drone technology is not as good as U.S. drone technology.”

    “It’s hard to make sense out of what’s doing this, other than it is consistent with the Biden administration taking a softer approach, trying to promote a false narrative that somehow China is a competitor and not an adversary,” Ratcliffe further emphasised.


    Ratcliffe’s warning comes a month after Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley allegedly engaged in a ‘top-secret’ mission to undermine President Trump’s ability to order military strikes, and promised to tip off the CCP if the U.S. was planning military action according to a new book by Bob Woodword and the Washington Post‘s Robert Costa.

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