Chinese Nuke Capable ICBM Flies Over Sydney = Silence.


by Stucky, The Burning Platform:

Not a mention of it an Drudge. Or, American Thinker. Or, even Russia Today.  Even Taiwan websites have just a little blurb about it.  No analysis or seemingly, any concern whatsoever, anywhere. 

WTF is going on?? Isn’t his a Big Deal.  Sure, Russia/China/USA play these silly incursion games all the time.  Bombers flying near a country’s air space, only to get intercepted and turned back. Ships doing the same shit. But this is all together on a different scale.  A fucken ICBM actually flying over Syndey Australia … and the world’s news outlets are virtually silent??  Ya’ll know I’m not big on conspiracies … but I smell a Big Fat Conspiracy Of Silence.  China isn’t sending a message to Australia .. “build those8 nuke subs and we’ll nuke YOUR ass”?    Right.  Maybe it wasn’t an ICBM … it was just a weather balloon. Yeah, that’s it.


The bad relations between China and Australia took an unbelievable turn this week when China fired a “Long March 3B” nuclear-capable missile, directly over Sydney, Australia. Video of the missile flying over Australia appears below!

Generally suited to launch space satellites, the firing of this missile, DIRECTLY OVER SYDNEY, was clearly meant to intimidate Australia, and comes on the heels of the announcement by Australia, the UK and the US of a new submarine program which will see Australia equipped with nuclear-propelled submarines.

Had China merely intended to “test” a missile, it would have achieved space orbit long before ever reaching Australia. The fact that it kept it’s relatively low altitude from launch inside China, all the way to Australia so it could be SEEN over Sydney, is proof that China meant it to intimidate.

The object, identified as a Long March 3B rocket, reportedly launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China at around 6:20 p.m. Monday.


This could be why, last night, word reached our ear that the US military has suddenly begun significant “massing” of KC-135 military in-flight refueling tankers on the US west coast:

If you think THAT is impressive, consider this: These 20 jets were launched in 4 minutes using 12-second Minimum Interval Take-Off (MITO). For those unfamiliar, that’s Cold War inbound ICBM (maybe even SLBM) timing, which sends a powerful message.

With this kind of military, in-flight refueling capability being positioned on the US west coast, one might get the idea that some big military operation is being readied.


Then, too, yesterday evening, it _appeared_ that at least FOUR (4) U.S. military aircraft took off from a base in South Korea, and flew directly, and deliberately, into NORTH KOREA air space! 

Finally, we are also informed that the US Navy has a major build-up of forces in the Philippines, including “more than one” aircraft carrier strike group.


No Big Fucking Deal, Right??!!  

And to make matters worse some cocksucker at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute wrote this neocon pile of shit.

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