Bidenflation Shock: Kids Shoe Prices Up 11.9%


by John Carney, Breitbart:

It’s not just getting more expensive to feed your family in the U.S.

It’s getting more expensive to keep shoes on your children’s feet.

The price of boys’ and girls’ footwear jumped a 3.3 percent in September from August, a huge one-month increase. Compared with a year ago, the prices of kids shoes are up 11.9 percent, the Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index showed Wednesday.


That’s a big burden for families struggling with higher prices for food at home, food at restaurants, appliances, furniture, and gasoline.

It’s also more expensive to shod mom and dad. Men’s footwear prices are up 5.5 percent and women’s are up 4.9 percent.

Sports vehicles, the category that includes bicycles, are up 8.9 percent. Sports equipment prices are up 5.4 percent.

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