‘Well Camps’ aka FEMA Quarantine Camps Coming To America If Liberals Get Their Way – Look At Australia, Canada And Even France To See What Democrats Have Planned For Americans


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Generally when Americans see what is happening in other countries, if they even do become aware of it,  they take note and then move on, as we all have our own more local concerns to worry about.

When it comes to certain issues though, we see how liberals in America try their hardest to mimic the most radical liberal ideas and actions as possible.

Example, Guns: For decades liberals have trying to force Americans to give up their weapons and their Second Amendment rights. All in the name of “gun control,” they have banned certain types of weapons, tried to ban high capacity magazines, gun accessories, etc…

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Australia has been there, done that, and the majority of their population is now disarmed, (except the criminals) allowing the dystopian and tyrannical regulations they are now forcing citizens to live with because the majority no longer have the weapons to fight the tyranny.

The examples are countless. If there is a country with an authoritarian law, or a a bit of culture craziness, American Democrats try their hardest to make it the law of this land.

Look at the LGBT agenda and we note that other “progressive” nations opened the door to indoctrinating our children, as well as seeing the same type of brainwashing of children into socialism and communism.

So, we look to Australia and some of the disturbing new actions taken against their citizenry, and even an example from France, to see what is coming to America should Democrats get their way.

Well start with France, since I am going to highlight just one area of concern and similarity to what radical liberals are pushing for here, as a judge there has just overturned President Emmanual Macron’s “requirement” that one must be vaccinated to shop at supermarkets.

French judges have taken action against President Emmanual Macron’s oppressive and discriminatory coronavirus vaccination requirements. This past week, judges in two different French departments overturned Macron’s decree’s making the health pass compulsory in several shopping centers. Instead, the judges ruled that it prevented access to essential goods to people who do not have them.

Chaos initially ensued after France had tried to discriminate against the unvaccinated. Citizens were terrified and angry that the government would force them to get vaccinated by banning them from buying essential goods from supermarkets. Crowds protested in front of food markets. You can hear the crowd chants in unison in a spontaneous display of solidarity in the following video.

Liberals and the media would wave away this example by claiming it would never happen here in America.


We already have Democrats, even in the media like CNN, proposing that unvaccinated Americans should not be allowed in supermarkets.

I’ll show the video again to highlight how very disturbing it is that someone on a cable news network, is pushing an idea like this to all their viewers.

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