The Meaning of Netflix’s “Brand New Cherry Flavor”: A Celebration of Occult Hollywood


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“Brand New Cherry Flavor” is a Netflix series about an aspiring movie director who gets involved with a Hollywood witch. Here’s how the crazy events of this series relate to the dark practices that actually happen in Hollywood … behind closed doors.

If I had to sum up Brand New Cherry Flavor (BNCF) in one word, it would probably be “puke”. Because, for one, there’s a whole lot of puking going on in that series. Second, there are lots of gory, disgusting scenes that I’d like to block out of my memory forever. But the most “pukey” aspect of this series is the fact that most of its insane and surreal events are inspired by real life.


“Even the part where the witch turns people into slave zombies?”. Yes.

In many ways, BNCF is reminiscent of movies such as Mullholland Drive and The Neon Demon which are about young talents trying to make it to Hollywood … only to discover that there’s something terribly wrong with it. In fact, BNCF and The Neon Demon are both centered around the same exact symbolism.

cherryflavorneondemon The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

The promotional posters of BNCF and The Neon Demon focus on the same exact symbol: An eyeball being eaten.

BNCF and The Neon Demon are both about Hollywood being run by evil, murderous, cannibalistic witches. And, in both, there’s a scene where an actress/model eats an actual eyeball. What does it represent? Many things. But mainly, the soul-deadening sacrifice one must make to the occult elite in order to succeed in the entertainment industry. As seen in countless articles in the past, the one-eye sign is the favorite symbol of the occult elite. Portraying artists swallowing an eye (which is also an act of cannibalism) is the perfect symbol representing the selling of one’s soul.

The entire BNCF series has an obsessive fixation with the one-eye sign – it is everywhere, all the time. That’s a way of letting viewers know that the horrific and disgusting that happen in the series are not just “entertainment”. It’s the occult elite revealing its true ugly face. And having the viewers think it’s cool, sexy, and “empowering”. Here’s a look at key events in the series and how they relate in “real life” Hollywood.

Brand New Elite Flavor

BNCF is about a young movie director named Lisa Nova who moves to Los Angeles with dreams of making it big in the industry. Her short movie – titled Lucy’s Eye – immediately captures the attention of big names in the industry.

cherryflavor1 The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

Short snippets of Lisa’s movie are shown throughout the episodes. The title screen of the movie alone indicates that this is pure occult elite madness.

cherryflavor2 The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

The movie is all about the one-eye sign.

The short movie ends with the actress literally scooping one of her eyes out and eating it. Although this sounds like the worst movie ever made, people in Hollywood love it. They’re also fascinated by the “special effects” of that final scene.

However, we soon learn that there’s a whole lot of evil stuff surrounding the making of that movie.

Before filming the final scene of Lucy’s Eye, Lisa (who directs the movie) tells Mary (the actress) that she wants an “Isabella Adjani in Possession-level” performance. That’s an interesting reference because Adjani’s role in this highly disturbing movie about demon possession nearly killed her.

“The role was emotionally exhausting for Adjani. In one of the interviews, she stated that it took her several years to recover from her performance, which J. Hoberman called “a veritable aria of hysteria”. It was rumored that she attempted suicide after filming completed, which was confirmed by Żuławski.”
– Wikipedia, Possession (1981 Film)

Before filming the final scene of the movie, Lisa and Mary take peyote – a hallucinogen drug used by native tribes before religious ceremonies. Soon after, Mary started seeing some freaky stuff.

cherryflavor3 The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

While she was being filmed by Lisa, Mary saw an entity possessing the director. Also: A one-eye sign in this shot.

Terrified by the demon-like thing that was inside Lisa, Mary actually scooped her eye out and ate it. And Lisa filmed the scene and kept it in the movie as the grand finale.

In short, there were no “special effects”. Viewers of Lucy’s Eye are actually watching a snuff-like movie – which happens to be one of the occult elite’s sick obsessions.

Lisa’s movie eventually captures the attention of a Hollywood bigshot named Lou Burke who wants to turn Lucy’s Eye into a blockbuster hit. While, at first, Burke acted as a mentor, he soon tried to sleep with Lisa. When she refused, Lisa was replaced as director of her movie. This caused Lisa to be angry and wanting revenge. Enters Boro.

Boro: Hollywood Witch

cherryflavor4 The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

Boro presents herself to Lisa at a Hollywood party.

Ever since Lisa arrived in Hollywood, Boro has been tracking down Lisa. She sensed a “force” in Lisa (probably that demon seen above) and she wants to consume it.

During a party with Hollywood bigshots, Boro presents herself to Lisa and tells her that she can destroy the life of Lou Burke. The method: A curse using the blackest magics. But first, Lisa must go through a ritual involving eating a stew made from disgusting ingredients.

The character of Boro appears to be heavily inspired by an actual Hollywood witch: Marina Abramovic.

050 dragon heads e1631223594986 The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

Marina Abramovic chilling with a snake.

Like Boro, Abramovic is influential in Hollywood, takes stars “under her wing” and involves them in events involving witchcraft (spirit cooking). Also, like Boro, Abramovic is also a big fan of cannibalism.

marina1 The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

Abramovic organized several star-studded events which culminated with people eating a human-shaped cake. In this picture, Debbie Harry cuts herself up at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Gala in 2011.

As we’ll soon see, Boro has the same exact “interests” as Abramovic. So she makes a deal with Lisa: She destroys Lou Burke’s life by putting a curse on him and Lisa pays her … in the weirdest way possible.

cherryflavor5 The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

As payment for her services, Boro can make Lisa puke out kittens on command.

Boro must really like cats. But, actually, no. She drinks their blood and then she kills them.

cherryflavor6 The Meaning of Netflix's "Brand New Cherry Flavor": A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

Boro extracts blood from a cat in order to drink it.

If Boro doesn’t regularly drink blood from a cat that was “birthed” by Lisa, she starts to wither away. In case you didn’t know, the occult elite has been drinking the blood of young people to “regenerate vitality” for centuries. BNCF is yet another media product that celebrates and normalizes this practice which used to be considered an abomination.

So we soon understand that there’s something clearly wrong with Boro. Then, we learn that she’s not really human. She’s actually a centuries-old entity/demon/spirit who jumps from one human body to another.

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