The Great Unmasking


by Bill Sardi, Lew Rockwell:

Science Backing Face Masks Is Lacking, Even In The Operating Room

Mandates To Wear Face Masks Part Of Selling Vaccines To A Wary Public

Face masks are baaack!  The Delta Variant of COVID-19 is not halting the spread of the virus.  The Centers for Disease Control advises face masks indoors even if fully vaccinated.  Have we ever had a vaccine that didn’t work like this one?

The day after California dropped its face mask mandate, I walked into a Trader Joe’s store as the lone person not wearing a mask.  It was like shoppers in the store froze.  Everyone stared at me.  Why wasn’t I wearing a mask?  Why was I exposing them to the virus?  But I wasn’t ill.  And the chances I had COVID were remote.  In fact, it takes 40,500 encounters with infected people to get infected and over 6 million encounters to produce 1 death.


Other reports estimate the odds of acquiring COVID-19 coronavirus infection from contact with an infected person is 1 in 3868 (ranges from  in 626 to 1 in 31,800) and the odds of dying from COVID-19 is 1 in 19.1 million (ranges from 1 in 3.1 million to 1 in 159 million).  These estimates are without citizens taking precautions such as face-masks and social distancing.  Face masks are an exercise in futility.

No mandate needed

The masses are now trained, I thought.  No mandate is needed now.  Outside of drowning themselves in alcohol (home consumption up 500%), which they are doing, they have no other way to handle their fear.  It’s not about science, it’s about politics from the side of our overlords and fear when it comes to the masses.

But they wear face masks in surgery, don’t they?

Forget about the lack of science behind face masks and infectious disease.  It’s never been about science.  Surprisingly, even wearing face masks in surgery has been called a mindless “ritual,” a “sacred cow;”

Face masks may be a “hail Mary” attempt to self-protect, which makes face masks a religion, not science.

Face masks to handle the anxiety

Here are direct quotes from The New England Journal of Medicine April 1, 2020 on universal face masking to protect against transmission of the COVID-19 Coronavirus:

“We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection…

“The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is… minimal….

“…During the care of a patient with unrecognized Covid-19…. A mask alone in this setting will reduce risk only slightly…

“…Universal masking alone is not a panacea….  

“The extent of marginal benefit of universal masking over and above these foundational measures is debatable….  

“Expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety.”

This is not the message Americans are hearing.

In lieu of valium mandates, face masks will do. 

The news media makes it appear face masks are mandatory (by law), but unless some law has been passed in a State legislature, it is only a guideline.

Health authorities now concede that mandated measures to halt the spread of this mutated virus are only to provide peace of mind — face masks are only an anxiety reliever.

With no vaccine initially available in the early stages of the pandemic, which was announced in March of 2021, the best approach would have been to encourage natural immunity, which has now been found to be superior to immunization by vaccine.  But public health agencies are bought off by the vaccine makers.

The main objective should be to limit COVID-19 associated deaths, not cases.  Infection results in immunity!  Given COVID-19 infection induces mild-to-no symptoms, and infection produces antibodies that may serve to prevent re-infection and further spread of the virus, prevention of cases is counterproductive.  But natural immunity is simply ignored and not tabulated in the US.  In the US, 95-99% of people who acquire this infection get well on their own.

Trading one infectious disease pandemic for another

Decisions about face mask policies in hospitals cannot be  extrapolated to make policy about face masks in non-healthcare settings.

Hospitals, where a great deal of infectious disease begins, are a different banana.  A convincing study shows when patients on a tuberculosis ward wore face masks and the air in their ward was piped into an adjoining lab with caged guinea pigs, the rate of infection in these lab animals dropped from 76.6% to 40.0%.  Infectious disease can be spread.  But again, that is in a controlled environment, not your living room.  And the guinea pigs still got TB, just not as many.  Face masks are not fool-proof.

Tuberculosis as an example; we don’t mask up for TB

Tuberculosis predominates over COVID-19 in the US.  But no face mask mandates for TB patients.

Tuberculosis is a mycobacterial lung infection, not a virus.  TB is slow-growing and can remain in a latent state in a patient’s lungs, to erupt when the immune system weakens, and kills far more people than COVID-19.

TB infections are far more common among immigrants and overseas travelers to the U.S, but no airborne protections are put into practice on incoming overseas air flights or hospital emergency rooms that commonly treat immigrants with TB.

There are 13 million potential spreaders of TB walking around America with latent (dormant) TB in their lungs that could erupt and infect others should their immune system crash, like after being indoors in a lockdown and deprived of sunshine vitamin D.

TB infects 2 billion people on the planet and kills 1.3 million a year.  And COVID-19 is far less transmissible than measles, smallpox, polio and TB.  By age group, COVID-19 is only considered lethal in 80+ year-olds.

It dawned upon TB doctors that the use of high-efficiency respirators would prevent as many as 25% of the TB cases being transmitted to healthcare workers.  But the use of these respirators would cost $7 million per prevented case of TB, $100 million per life saved.

Ironically, lockdowns keep active TB cases, which must undergo 6-months of triple antibiotic treatment, from getting their antibiotics that need to be administered at clinics (not at home), potentially trading one pandemic for another.

To confound matters, investigators find COVID-19 antibodies are not long-lasting and that zinc-dependent T-cells (produced in the thymus gland) actually halt the infection, which means immunity rates (~30%) are far higher than antibody tests have shown.

So why do face masks continue to be advised?

An answer as to why mindless and science-less face masking continues is provided in a revealing study published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology entitled Sustaining High Influenza Vaccination Compliance With A Mandatory Masking Program.  A 2-year mask education program involving three hospitals and 19,985 healthcare workers increased vaccine compliance from 47% to 90%!  Face masks are a way to promote vaccination!

Public doesn’t have to comply: not a mandate

Face mask mandates are actually nothing more than guidelines and may result in outcomes that were not initially considered.  The working conclusion that face masks are the most effective means to prevent transmission of infectious disease is highly questionable.  The highest rate of transmission is in healthcare settings, not in the community.

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