The Food Crisis Is Already Here! Be Smart And Buy Food, Water And Necessities Before Toilet Paper Or You May Starve To Death While Surrounded In TP


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Weather, bottleneck supply chain chokepoints, shortages of fertilizer, labor shortages, gasoline, a cyber attack on a farming co-op, and a number of other issues have all strained the supply chain to the point where it is broken.

Yes, there is still food in the grocery stores, but as we have shown in our food shortage pieces, with visual evidence, there are also plenty of empty shelves, limited selections, and front facing products with nothing behind them, clearly indicating either a shortage or an inability to keep the store shelves stocked.


Either way there is a large variety of consumables that when someone reaches for them at the store, they touch nothing but empty air.

In many cases, different states and different stores are showing shortages of the same products, such as the dairy sections, more indicative of a product issue than a stocking issue, as shown below.

ANP Reader Image: Target in Albuquerque NM



The image above and a couple of those below, were sent by a reader in NM with the following message:

These photos were taken on Sunday Morning the 19th of September 2021 at a Target in Albuquerque NM.  My wife also said she was looking for mustard and found three left after stopping at three stores total to find it.  I know someone who works in the grocery business in Albuquerque that told me two weeks ago that they had no problem getting most food, but had two stockers for the entire store.  This is causing them to turn away truck loads of food because they have run out of storage for it and don’t have the employees to stock it.  This is the first time we have seen large sections of empty shelves in Albuquerque, set aside the great covid toilet paper run last year. 
Otherwise it has not been very noticeable here until now.
Also, my best friend had to travel to Ft. Smith,  Arkansas for work this week and he said the store outside Fort Smith had no Gatorade amongst other common items.
Thanks for your article and getting status updates out, it helps us plan ahead of shortages or price increases.

We linked to the Gatorades, energy drinks, and water in a previous piece, here, for those who want to top off their supplies.

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Prices… let us not forget that global food prices were up 33% in August from a year earlier with vegetable oil, grains and meat on the rise, according to Bloomberg.

As we have often pointed out, when part of the leftist MSM finally catches up to the Independent Media on these issues, you know it has gotten to the point where they can no longer hide it.

Whether for bread, rice or tortillas, governments across the world know that rising food costs can come with a political price. The dilemma is whether they can do enough to prevent having to pay it.

Global food prices were up 33% in August from a year earlier with vegetable oil, grains and meat on the rise, data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization show. And it’s not likely to get better as extreme weather, soaring freight and fertilizer costs, shipping bottlenecks and labor shortages compound the problem. Dwindling foreign currency reserves are also hampering the ability of some nations to import food.

As a quick aside: Should the media report on these matters in a timely fashion,  giving Americans a chance to stock up without panic shopping, we wouldn’t be seeing limitations on products, which we now have reports of.

Each time we publish one of these prepping articles, we see meat prices and shortages mentioned with increasing frequency, to the point where people are forced to eat less or pay more, and in many cases Americans still suffering the effects of the pandemic lockdowns, simply cannot afford the continuing rise in prices.

While freeze dried survival foods are more expensive, they also allow for opening a product and being able to use it by the handful, rather than opening a package of meat and being forced to use it all before it goes bad, so in the end, the money, and the longer shelf life, ends up being a bargain.

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ANP Reader Image: Target in Albuquerque NM


On September 21, 2021, Fox News reported that Costco was warning customers that there would be a delay on toilet paper.

By September 24, 2021, Costco had begun limiting purchases of toilet paper, cleaning products and water. The reason reported was a FedEx labor shortage forcing them to reroute 600K packages a day.

The labor shortages are not only delaying shipments, but also affecting all shopping across the nation. 

Shoppers looking to buy anything from electronics to sneakers to automobiles – and even household staples like toilet paper – could be out of luck as retailers face a dire combination of supply chain problems, labor shortages and inflationary pressures with the holiday season fast approaching.

Costco on Thursday said it was reinstating limits on purchases of toilet paper, paper towels and bottled water. 

From the warning to the actual implementation of limits only took a few days.

This is how quickly products can just be gone or very difficult to obtain from a brick and mortar store.

Please remember to stock up on food, water and basic necessities before paper products because without food, you certainly won’t need toilet paper.

 2020 sign when there was a run on TP (Thanks ds)


Toilet Paper:


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