The Covid: Gov’t Admits it will be a New World Order!


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Here we have government officials using the words that are immediately called a conspiracy theory. In Australia, their health Minister Chant admits that they may be introducing contact tracing meaning they will be tracking everyone and where we go for what she admits will be the “new world order” that I am sure is sending Big Tech into a tailspin on now trying to censor her and ban her from social media like anyone else who dare to use such words. In Victoria, Australia, where they have effectively been fully locked down, that has still not stopped the spread of COVID. Like the common cold, you cannot stop it by staying inside forever.


Then at the White House, the spokesperson for the Biden Administration actually said that this is not a pandemic, but a PLANDEMIC which is the truth for the government has NEVER been so authoritarian with a normal virus that is not creating widespread death any more than the flu. The same people who die of the flu are dying from COVID.

The government no more cares about us than a prostitute is in love with a client, Pretty Woman aside. Anyone who thinks they care is really a fool. This is all about the financial system collapsing and that is why I did the special conference back in 2015 on the Solution for back then behind the curtain there was talk of this Great Reset unfolding to escape from the fiscal mismanagement (Full Version90 Minute Version).


This is all about the NEW WORLD ORDER otherwise known as the Great Reset which is really the default on government debt and moving to MMT with Guaranteed Basic Income to replace pensions. This is why I was asked to please come out with a book on all the manipulations of the world economy these people have pulled off. The rise of MMT and Guaranteed Basic Income was the crisis behind the curtain as it was gaining serious traction. This is why I was asked to please come out with a book. Manipulating the World Economy is now in its Fifth Edition and is on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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