STUDY: Vaccinating children against COVID makes zero sense; more children are harmed by the vaccines than from COVID


by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

A study published in Toxicology Reports on September 14, asks, “Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?” The study also poses the question, “Why are we vaccinating the elderly against COVID-19?” Researchers from Italy, Russia, Greece, Romania and the United States dissected the data on covid-19 infection in children and in the elderly. They properly distinguished comorbidities in official covid-19 death statistics and compared survival rates from the infection with deaths associated with the covid-19 vaccine in relation to the total number of vaccinations administered.


Governments should “put seniors first” and tell them to avoid the COVID vaccines at all costs

Approximately six percent of the reported covid-19 deaths were exclusively caused by covid-19, as verified on the death certificates. These determinations of death were concluded using a fraudulently calibrated PCR test with Ct cycles as high as 45 (which almost guarantees a false positive). The bulk of the total 600,000 deaths reported (94 percent) were coded as covid-19 deaths, even though an average of four comorbidities were listed on the death certificates. Any one of these comorbidities could have been the cause of the patient’s death, not covid-19. Therefore, under conservative estimates, there were 35,000 or fewer covid-19 deaths in the US during the so-called pandemic.

Most of the covid-19 deaths per capita occur in the elderly population (65+) who already suffer with comorbidities. Likewise, most of the post-inoculation deaths occur in the elderly who already suffer with comorbidities. If the comorbidities are addressed first and the proper treatments are administered, then the survival rate for covid-19 infection improves, and the perceived “necessity” of vaccines becomes less important. According to the study’s cost-benefit analysis, the most vulnerable in the 65+ demographic are five times more likely to die in the seven-day follow up period post vaccination than they are to die from a covid-19 infection. Again, many factors are important to consider here, namely the type of treatment the person receives; how many drugs are already compromising the individual’s immune system; and how the comorbidities factor into the equation.

COVID vaccines are pointless for children, only add risk with no benefit

The authors of the study believe the covid-19 inoculations do not fit the definition of a vaccine. They are not tested for the prevention of either viral infection or transmission. The clinical trials sought to prove that the vaccines suppress the severity of a person’s symptoms, compared to a theoretical severe case of COVID. Not all cases of COVID pose severe symptoms, especially in the young cohort, who survive with ease. The clinical trials actually proved that the vaccine causes symptoms in healthy people, while provoking serious health issues in people with underlying comorbidities. These short-term trials did not use samples that represent the total population. The trials on adolescents were of small sample size and had poor predictive power. None of the trials addressed changes in biomarkers that would indicate elevated predisposition to serious disease. The trials also ignored any long-term effects that could be imposed on adolescents.

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