SPECIAL PODCAST: Andrew Bowering, Chairman of Apollo Silver Corp.


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

As we continue our series of interviews with mining executives, here’s a brand new company for you to consider.

Apollo Silver Corp is a new venture into the silver space by Andrew Bowering, an industry veteran with a long track record of success in building companies and growing their market capitalization. As an introduction to this company, I asked Andy a list of questions so that you could get a sense of the potential opportunity here:

  • Why do Andy and his team want to get involved in the silver space?

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  • What track record of success do they have?
  • Apollo has two primary assets, both in the southwest United States. What drew him there and why did he choose these resources out of the many that he had considered?
  • How much cash have they raised and what is the current state of the balance sheet?
  • What is the company strategy for the months ahead?

As always, do not simply take my enthusiasm and create your own. You must conduct all of your own due diligence in researching potential opportunities. You must also assess your own risk tolerance and time horizons before considering any type of investment. To that end , you can learn more about Apollo Silver through their website and by researching the ticker symbols of “APGOF” in the US and “APGO” in Canada. You might also check these links:

Thanks again to Andy for his time today. I look forward to following Apollo Silver in teh weeks and months ahead!

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