SICKENING: California Governor Newsom Signs Bills That Enable Children to Hide Sex Operations and Abortions From Their Parents


by Julian Conradson, The Gateway Pundit:

On Wednesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed two bills into law that would help children be able to get certain medical procedures – such as sex operations and abortions – without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

One of the bills – AB-1184 – prohibits health insurers from requiring authorization from a child’s parents before they are able to get a procedure. The bill also makes it illegal for any communications, information, or receipts to be shared with the parents unless the child authorizes it to be disclosed. 


The sickening new law is set to take effect in July of next year.

“This bill, on and after July 1, 2022, would prohibit a health care service plan or health insurer from requiring a protected individual, as defined, to obtain the policyholder, primary subscriber, or other enrollee’s authorization to receive sensitive services or to submit a claim for sensitive services if the protected individual has the right to consent to care.

The bill would require the health care service plan or health insurer to direct all communications regarding a protected individual’s receipt of sensitive services directly to the protected individual and would prohibit the disclosure of that information to the policyholder, primary subscriber, or any plan enrollees without the authorization of the protected individual, as provided. “

If you were curious about what “protected individual” means, it’s defined in the text of the bill.

Once again, it is simply another example of a leftist, Orwellian made-up term that is meant to twist the language – It means child.

 “Protected individual” means any adult insured covered under a health insurance policy or a minor who can consent to a health care service without the consent of a parent or legal guardian, pursuant to state or federal law.

The bill doesn’t just make these life-altering procedures more available to children who have no faculty to make the decision to get them, it also mandates that insurance providers notify their policyholders that they can request a “confidential communication.”

“This bill would require a health care service plan to notify subscribers and enrollees and a health insurer to notify insureds that they may request a confidential communication in a specified format and how to make the request, and would require a health care service plan and health insurer to provide the information in a specified manner, including on the internet website of the health care service plan or health insurer.”

The other bill – AB-1356 – makes it a crime for anyone to post personal information, including photos, of any provider, patient, employee, or volunteer of a reproductive healthcare facility in the state. People who are found guilty will face up to a year behind bars and a fine of up to $10,000.

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