‘Security Breach’ in California Recall Election Has Officials Demanding ‘Rigorous Audit’


    by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

    Now they want audits. A “security breach” impacting the California recall election has officials calling for “rigorous audits” to ensure that the results are legitimate.

    The ‘security breach’? Mike Lindell’s Cyber Imposium actually leaked copies of Dominion Voting System’s proprietary Election Management System (EMS). This is an unauthorized form of ‘transparency’ that election officials are not in the least bit interested in. The Associated Press reported on the election security breach.

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    “A group of election security experts on Thursday called for a rigorous audit of the upcoming recall election for California’s governor after copies of systems used to run elections across the country were released publicly,” the AP reported. “Their letter sent to the secretary of state’s office urges the state to conduct a type of post-election audit that can help detect malicious attempts to interfere.”

    “The statewide recall targeting Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, set for Sept. 14, is the first election since copies of Dominion Voting Systems’ election management system were distributed last month at an event organized by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, an ally of former President Donald Trump who has made unsubstantiated claims about last year’s election,” the AP continued. “Election offices across 30 states use the Dominion system, including 40 counties in California.”

    The letter was endorsed by eight election security officials, including prominent authority figure Harri Hursti. It was sent to California’s Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber. The letter is provided in full below.

    Experts Letter to CA SoS Re… by Kyle Becker

    “As you know, about three weeks ago, binary images of the Dominion election management system (EMS) were made public,” the letter states. “While the software versions are not identical to those used in California, differences are relatively minor: the release materially elevates threats to the trustworthiness of the ongoing California recall election and to public trust in the election. We urge you to address the issue by taking one critical action – a statewide risk-limiting audit (RLA) of trustworthy paper ballots – which can substantially mitigate these threats.”

    The security officials also highlight their ‘immediate concern’ about the reported election security breach.

    “The illegal public release about three weeks ago of binary images of the Dominion election management system (EMS) software and its installation environment constitutes a serious threat to the recall election,” the officials wrote. “Two of the images came from Mesa County, Colorado, and one came from Antrim County, Michigan. Those images, which include the EMS and its installation environment, have been widely downloaded.”

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