Over 200 Business Owners File Federal Class Action Lawsuit Againt NYC Mayor: ‘This Will Be The First Domino’ To #EndCovidTyranny Nationwide


by Alicia Powe, The Gateway Pundit:

Business owners in New York City are banding together to end COVID tyranny and fight back the government-sanctioned segregation ushered in by unconstitutional vaccine mandates and in a class-action federal lawsuit that will likely be litigated in the Supreme Court.

On August 17, De Blasio signed Emergency Executive Order 225, mandating all indoor establishments “not permit a patron, full- or part-time employee, intern, volunteer, or contractor to enter covered premises without displaying proof of vaccination and identification bearing the same identifying information as the proof of vaccination.”

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Those lacking proof of a first jab or negative test result are shut out of theaters, bakeries, coffee shops, concert venues, sports arenas, stadiums, zoos, arcades, aquariums, restaurants, bars and gyms, while falsifying a “sacred” vaccine passport will be penalized with a 7-year prison sentence.

Members of the Independent Restaurant Owners Association Rescue, a group comprised of over 200 business owners that formed at the start of the “pandemic” in March 2020, are suing New York City Mayor De Blasio and the city over the decree, in a lawsuit their attorney contends will be the first domino towards ending covid tyranny nationwide.

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