by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

There’s a short article over at Russia’s Sputnik website that, while small, indicates that the geopolitical waves from the Afghanistan fiasco continue to ripple throughout the American alliance system. This was shared by B., and it’s well worth pondering its implications:

NATO Partners Agree to Revise Alliance’s Concept, French Defence Minister Says

Note two significant things in this article:


NATO partners, at the initiative of France and Germany, agreed to revise the strategic concept of the alliance, French Defence Minister Florence Parly said.
“The reason for NATO’s existence is transatlantic security. This is what we want to remind the United States of. Therefore, our partners decided, on our initiative, as well as on the initiative of Germany, to revise the strategic concept of the alliance,” Parley said at a meeting of the French Senate.
Being allies does not mean being hostage to the interests of another country,” the minister concluded. (Boldface emphasis added)
I recall an American television and radio talk show host (Glenn Beck) in the past few months commenting during a show dealing with the possibilities of secession, that the American federal union is “not a suicide pact,” a comment that to some degree expresses the growing frustration of many people with the policies of President* Bidenenko and his regime. The French defense minister’s statement is of a similar nature: NATO is not an excuse to run roughshod over the national interests of America’s allies; it’s not a suicide pact where France and Germany – the leaders of the initiative – agree to commit national suicide to serve the American empire.
This is where the questions arise: if “the reason for NATO’s existence is transatlantic security,” then what does revising “the strategic concept of the alliance” mean, as far as France and Germany, Europe’s “big two”, are concerned? My high octane speculation of the day is this: this is about as close as one can come to a formal dissolution of the alliance as one can get; it’s the recognition of the handwriting on the wall that America is simply no longer a reliable ally; it’s domestic politics and culture are too broken to promote long-term stability in its relations with its allies. It’s the recognition by the European “big two” that the USA is “not-agreement-capable”, as the Russians say.
NATO will continue as a formal organization of course, for some time, but my prediction is that as far as Europe is concerned, it will become increasingly irrelevant as a factor in the European geopolitical calculus. And the way forward in that has already been signaled: the formation of blocs within the NATO structure itself, and France and Germany have just signaled that they intend to be that bloc.
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