CNN host: Time to start shaming ‘stupid’ unvaccinated people


from WND:

No reason to worry about shots because ‘scientists and science aren’t political’

CNN host Don Lemon lit into the “stupid” Americans who have weighed the risks and decided not to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, declaring “it’s time to start shaming them.”

Lemon was chatting Wednesday night with fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo during the handover to “Don Lemon Tonight.”


“I think we have to stop coddling people when it comes to this and the vaccine, saying, ‘You can’t shame them. You can’t call them stupid. You can’t call them stupid.’ Yes, they are!” he said.

Lemon tied people who question the vaccines to anyone who questions the integrity of the 2020 presidential vote.

“The people who aided and abetted Trump are stupid because they believed his Big Lie. The people who are not getting vaccines — who are believing the lies on the internet instead of science — it’s time to start shaming them … or leave them behind, because they are keeping the majority of Americans behind,” Lemon said.

“Stop it. Stop with it the ignorance!”

The CNN host charged that Americans are refusing the vaccine only because of politics.

However, the Daily Wire pointed out that only 43% of black Americans have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Republicans voters passed that threshold by July. Some 90% of black Americans voted for Joe Biden in 2020, according to exit polls.

Lemon said “we have to stop saying, ‘You know, you have to listen to people.’ No, you don’t! These people are being harmful to the greater good.”

He urged viewers to put aside any fears about the vaccines, because “scientists and science aren’t political.”

“I accept everything you’ve just said,” Cuomo said.

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