Apple To Roll Out COVID-19 Vaccine Card Slot In iPhone Wallet


by Charlotte Pence Bond, Daily Wire:

Apple will begin providing people who use their devices with the ability to add their COVID-19 vaccination evidence into the Wallet app and display it on their Apple Watches and iPhones.

As reported by USA Today, “With the launch of iOS 15 on Monday, users can link and store COVID-19 vaccination and test result records in the Health app. Apple has not publicly announced when the Wallet integration will be rolled out, but it will be included in an upcoming software update for iOS 15.” 


The outlet added:

With iOS 15, users who link their COVID vaccination cards into the Health app should see a screen with the following information: which medical provider administered the vaccine, which vaccine they received and what dates they received each dose.

There are several steps to incorporating the feature into one’s Apple wallet.

Users will also need to verify the medical information, and the outlet pointed out that this will be more of an effort than simply snapping a picture of the COVID-19 vaccination evidence.

There are three options for people to show “verifiable proof of COVID vaccinations.”

People can upload their medical information “with a QR code sent by their provider, a downloadable file sent by their provider, or through a connected healthcare institution using Health Records on iPhone. They can add them to the Health app in iOS 15, and also as a vaccination card in Apple Wallet with an upcoming software update.”

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